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Random Weekend Post: Earthly Treasures

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No Commentary needed for this one… I give you Scott Miller.

Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn

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Bob Childs is a craftsman. Whether making music himself, or making instruments for other musicians… Childs takes to his task with care. He knows that a well crafted instrument is essential to creating a well crafted tune. That’s because Bob Childs is a master luthier (maker of stringed instruments). He’s been building violins for over three decades and has been playing them for even longer.

A brief history…
Childs began playing the violin as a teenager in Maine. Whenever his instrument was in need of repair, he would take it to local luthier Ivie Mann. Mann, who was 70 at the time, developed a friendship with the young Childs and offered to take him on as his first ever student. Childs continued to learn from Mann and others until he was able to set up a luthier shop of his own. His instruments are now in high demand have been played by a wide range of musicians from symphony performers to international fiddle champions.
In 1986, Childs received an invitation to perform with a group of seven violinists in Washington DC. Childs welcomed the opportunity to get out of his workshop and perform with one of his own instruments. He accepted the invitation. Only after he said yes, did Childs learn that the assembled musicians who had issued the invitation all played instruments he had built.
Childsplay was born.
These days, Childsplay’s cast of players can include as many as two dozen professional musicians at any given time. On the band’s fifth studio recording Waiting for the Dawn, no fewer than fourteen fiddlers form the core of a powerhouse ensemble, and blend their considerable skills and diverse influences to create a stunning collection of contemporary fiddle classics.
The music itself comes from the Emerald Isles of Ireland, the foothills of the Appalachians, the frigid Canadian Coast, and even the American pop charts. Original tunes from various band members sit side by side with traditional fare from around the globe and compositions from Steve Earle (“Christmas in Washington”), U2 (“Mothers of the Disappeared”) , and Elvis Presley (“Love Me Tender”). The result is a musical world tour that incorporates a wide range of sounds and styles. Somehow, they all blend seamlessly together.
Of course, the credit for that is due largely to the players themselves. The band boasts world class fiddlers and violinists who specialize in varying disciplines from all over the globe.
Just to name a few…
Hanneke Cassel is a former U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champ with a degree from Berklee College of Music. Shelia Falls-Keohane won the All-Ireland Fiddling Championship at age fifteen and is now a part of the music faculty at Wheaton College. Bonnie Bewick is a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and has soloed with the Boston Pops. Lissa Schneckenberger is an accomplished folk singer/songwriter and a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music (more on her later this week). Bob Childs plays on the album as well.
Irish and Scottish fiddle champs, symphony members, master luthiers, singer/songwriters… and that’s not even half the band.
This recording also marks the first time Childsplay has incorporated vocals on an album. To lend a voice to the music Childs turned to Aoife O’Donovan from contemporary bluegrass group Crooked Still (more on them later this week too…). O’Donovan is a solid choice here and sounds just as much at home on the traditional “Sweet Sunny South” as she does on Bono’s “Mothers of the Disappeared.” Her soaring voice is the perfect counterpoint to the instruments that surround it.
As for the band’s namesake and raison d’ĂȘtre Bob Childs… he is the only member of the ensemble who does not make his living as professional musician. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep busy. Childs still produces around six violins a year from his workshop in Cambridge, MA… spending roughly 200 hours constructing each piece. He also travels with Childsplay to various shows and festivals and will occasionally use the group to put on educational workshops to expose school children to violin and fiddle music. With those two endeavors, Childs ensures that there will always be a new generation of his instruments to play, and a new generation of artists to play them.
To illustrate Childsplays’ unique sound, I’m going to share with you the opening track from Waiting for the Dawn called, “Rattling Roaring Willie/The High Drive.” The song is a medley of a traditional Canadian folk song and a Scottish reel.
I’m also going to share a youtube video I found that features a medley of U2’s “Mothers of the Disappeared” with an original song from Hanneke Cassel called “Evenstar.” Cassel is featured on the violin in this video with O’Donovan on lead vocals.
You can find out more about Childsplay at
Childsplay: Rattling Roaring Willie/The High Drive (Buy Album)

Random Weekend Post: Abigail Washburn on the Blue Plate Special

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Here’s a clip I found of Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet performing onWDVX’s Blue Plate Special. The Blue Plate Special is a live performance that takes place every weekday at noon in downtown Knoxville. The shows are always free to the public and are broadcast live on WDVX and You can see a full schedule and link to more videos on the Blue Plate Special page at

The Sparrow Quartet is Abigail Washburn on banjo and vocals, Bela Fleck on banjo, Casey Driessen on violin, and Ben Sollee on Cello.

Random Saturday: Camera Obscura

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Still on vacation… so just another quickie today.

Don’t be surprised when this album ends up on my Top 10 list for 2009. This is Camera Obscura with “French Navy” from the album My Maudlin Career.

Random Weekend Post: Clare Burson & Kathleen Edwards

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On vacation this week… but I’ll try to throw up a quick post or two if I have the time.

Here’s another weekend quickie for ya.

This one features Kathleen Edwards playing the violin with singer/songwriter Clare Burson on Burson’s “Boat of Leaves.” It’s from the show the two played together in Knoxville back in March.

I emailed back and forth a bit with Clare last week, and you’ll be pleased to know that her new album, Silver & Ash should be released in early 2010. Until then… enjoy this.

Random Weekend Post: Jenny Lewis & Triumph the Dog

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Here’s something new I’m going to try to start doing. Just a quick post with a random song or YouTube vid to get through the weekend. I don’t always have much time to post during the weekend… so these will just be quick posts with little commentary to highlight old songs that are running through my head or just something different I want to share.

We’ll start today by continuing this week’s Jenny Lewis theme. I give you Jenny and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog… live from Bonnaroo.

Birthday Notes

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***My first several posts here don’t have time and date stamps on them for some reason… but I’m pretty sure that today (or possibly yesterday… sometime this week for sure) is the one year anniversary of A Fifty Cent Lighter & A Whiskey Buzz. Now that we’re 150+ posts and nearly 55,000 visitors into this thing, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by, commented, and (most importantly) enjoyed the music over the past year. Hopefully, a lot of you have found something new here that you have then gone out and purchased for your own collection.

If you have discovered a new favorite here and would like to leave a comment about it on this post, that would be great. Thanks again.

***YouTube Time!!!

As I mentioned last week, my wife and I made a road trip to Asheville to see Jenny Lewis at The Orange Peel on Thursday night. The Heartless Bastards got things rocking to start the night and really set the tone for Jenny and her crew. Jenny kept the entire room in a trance with a presence that filled the whole stage and a killer band that kept up with her at every turn.

The set was primarilly filled with music from her two solo albums Acid Tongue and Rabbit Fur Coat, with the only Rilo Kiley tune being a solo acoustic version of “Silver Lining” at the beginning of the encore. Although she played a relatively short set, it was packed with almost all of my solo favorites and made for quite an enjoyable show. Jenny also worked two brand new songs into the set which I will now share with you via YouTube. These two videos were shot in St. Louis during an earlier stop on the tour.

“Big Wave”

“Just Like Zues”

…And here’s one video from the Asheville show. It’s the solo/crowd sing along version of “Silver Lining.” Thanks to the original tapers for these videos.

***Finally, for those of you in and around Knoxville… there’s a great chance to take in a free live show later this week.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers will be playing as part of Old City Live Thursday night in Knoxville’s Old City. Clyne first came to prominence as the front man for The Refreshments, a pop-rock outfit from Arizona that came out of the same scene as The Gin Blossoms. The Refreshments had a few minor radio hits with “Banditos” and “Down Together” in 1996. You might also know them as the band that performs the instrumental theme for Fox’s cartoon hit King of the Hill.

Since 1999, Clyne has been fronting The Peacemakers, and band that covers a lot of the same musical ground as The Refreshments with a slightly twangier edge. That edge will be on display Thursday night in Knoxville, and you can get a taste of it here on the song “Counterclockwise” from the 2004 release Americano.

“The kids are lighting firecrackers… Boom, boom, boom!”

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers: Counterclockwise (Buy Album)