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Friday Notes: Parsons, Adams, & WDVX Birthdays

Posted in Chris Stapleton, Gram Parsons, Ryan Adams, WDVX on November 5, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

*Gram Parsons was born November 5, 1946 in Winter Haven, Florida.  He passed away in September of 1973 following an overdose in Joshua Tree, California.  One year after Parsons’ death, Ryan Adams was born on November 5, 1974 in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Parsons was one of the most influential artists of the Country Rock movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s thanks to his solo work and his time with The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, and The Flying Burrito Brothers.  Adams was one of the most influential artists of the Country Rock movement of the 90’s and 2000’s thanks to his solo work and his time with the band Whiskeytown.

Parsons called his sound Cosmic American Music.  Adams helped carry the flag for the Alt-Country and Americana labels.

Parsons sounded great singing with Emmylou Harris.  Adams sounded great singing with Emmylou Harris.

Anyone believe in reincarnation?

Gram Parsons: In My Hour of Darkness (Buy Album)
Ryan Adams: Oh My Sweet Carolina (Buy Album)

*Today is also the day we celebrate the birthday of WDVX and thirteen years of bringing great Americana music to Knoxville and East Tennessee.  We’ll be celebrating all day today in our downtown studios at the Knoxville Visitors Center. You can stop by anytime help to us celebrate, pick up your premium item from the Fall Fund Drive, or make a donation to help keep the music going.

The celebration culminates tonight with Ferd’s Friday beginning at 6:00.  Ferd Moyse from the Hackensaw Boys and some of his friends will perform a free concert at the Visitors Center to help us celebrate.  Portions of the performance will be broadcast live on WDVX and

*Finally, a note for those of you wondering what Chris Stapleton has been up to since leaving The Steeldrivers earlier this year.  Stapleton did an interview with the Houston Press where he talks about his songwriting and his current rock band, The Jompson Brothers.

It’s funny.  I distinctly remember listening to the Hootie and the Blowfish album Cracked Rear View with Chris back in high school.  Now he’s co-writing #1 Country singles with Darius Rucker.

Scott Miller Fundraising for WDVX

Posted in Scott Miller, WDVX on March 18, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

As I mentioned yesterday, Scott Miller joined me on the air last night at WDVX as part of the kickoff of our Spring Fund Drive. WDVX is a community radio station in downtown Knoxville dedicated to playing roots and Americana music.

I talk about the station a lot here… not just because I work there… but because I also believe in what we’re doing there in trying to promote the music we love and the artists that create it. To be able to continue doing that work, we have to pass the hat a couple of times every year to ask for support from our listeners. Listener support is our single greatest source of funding at WDVX, and it helps keep the lights on and the music playing. If you like, you can support WDVX at our website and pick up a great new CD of live music from local artists like Scott Miller, the everybodyfields, Mic Harrison, Christabel and the Johns, Cutthroat Shamrock, and many, many others.
For his part, Scott Miller spent roughly an hour and a half on the air with me last night. He played some songs live in the studio (including taking requests in exchange for donations) and brought in a few CDs from his personal stash to play. I’m including a small portion of his visit and an acoustic version of “Absolution” from his time in the studio. The “Buy Album” link points to the studio version of the song.
Scott Miller live at the WDVX Fund Drive
Scott Miller: Absolution live at WDVX (Buy Album)

Notes… and Stuff I’ve Been Meaning to Get to for a While

Posted in Back Porch Mary, Bonnaroo, Dave Matthews Band, The John Henrys, WDVX, X on June 9, 2009 by AmericanaPulse

*** First of all… Thanks to everyone who responded to my post asking for opinions on the new Dave Matthews Band album. I’ll probably end up picking up a copy of the album later this week. The post was deleted by Blogger yesterday due to copyright infractions even though I only posted a live track from a band that encourages fans to record their live shows and trade the recordings with others. A similar thing happened last week over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends regarding a post about Pearl Jam.

***Bonnaroo is taking place this week in Manchester, TN and you can catch some of the festivities live on WDVX Saturday. We’ll broadcast a special edition of Tennessee Shines live from “The Other Tent” for eight hours from Noon to 8:00 live on WDVX and with a special simulcast on Nashville’s legendary WSM. The featured acts will be The Steeldrivers, Cherryholmes, The Tony Rice Unit, The Del McCoury Band, and The David Grisman Quintet. Of course, Jim Lauderdale will be there as well… bringing the Bluegrass to Bonnaroo.

***Legendary L.A. punksters X are playing Knoxville’s Bijou Theater on Wednesday night. As part of the current tour, the band is letting the fans vote on which songs they want to hear at the shows. You can vote now over at the band’s website. No matter what songs are picked, expect John Doe, Exene Cervenka, DJ Bonebrake, and Billy Zoom to rock the Bijou Theatre like few before them have. I’ve only seen X perform as their cow-punk alter ego band, The Knitters (with Dave Alvin). Even that left my jaw dropped and my ears ringing.

On a more sombre X-related note… Exene Cervenka announced last week that she has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. You can read a statement from Exene on the band’s site. Ironically, the band’s current tour is in support of an organization called Sweet Relief… a charity started by folk singer Victoria Williams in 1992 when she was diagnosed with MS. The organization helps uninsured musicians with their medical bills.

***I’ll close today with a couple of tracks that I’ve been sitting on for a bit, and just haven’t had time to get to here. I get a lot of new music sent to me, and sometimes it takes a while to work through it all. Today… because I’m in a bit of a country-rock mood… I’d like to dust off and share a couple of albums that I’ve actually been sitting on since last year. First we’ll go north of the border to Canada for some COUNTRY-rock, and then south to Texas for some country-ROCK.

The John Henrys hail from Ottawa and wear their Gram Parsons influence on their sleeves. Their album, Sweet as the Grain, is peppered with songs like “Angel” that feature crying steels and trembling organs to frame a lazy country groove that goes a long way toward recreating Parsons’ vision of Cosmic American (Canadian?) Music.

On the other side of the spectrum (and the Continent) lies Back Porch Mary. A rocking outfit from Austin, TX that makes me wonder if the Braun Brothers from Reckless Kelly and Micky & the Motorcars might have a few more siblings loose in the Lone Star State. “This Band” showcases their hard driving style while painting an accurate picture of what it’s like to choose a life devoted to music.

The John Henrys: Angel (Buy Album)
Back Porch Mary: This Band (Buy Album)

WDVX (and other) Notes

Posted in John Hartford, Knoxville Music, Scott Miller, Tennessee Shines, WDVX on March 25, 2009 by AmericanaPulse

The WDVX Spring Fund Drive continues this week, and there are a few special fund drive events that I should probably tell you about…

***First off… the March installment of Tennessee Shines airs tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 Eastern. The show is completely sold out. If you don’t have tickets already, then you’ll have to listen to WDVX tonight to hear the show. It ought to be a good one too. Jim Lauderdale is our host (as always) and will be joined by Theresa Anderson, Donna the Buffalo, The Gourds, and Knoxville’s own Scott Miller. You can listen live at

***Speaking of Scott Miller… he’ll also be playing the role of guest DJ Thursday afternoon at WDVX. Scott will be on the air with Tony Lawson beginning at 4:00, and there is probably no earthly way to know what sort of antics may ensue. I imagine Scott may share some tracks from his upcoming album For Crying Out Loud (more on that later), but he probably has some other tricks up his sleeve as well. Again… you can hear it live at

***On an unrelated note… I spent a great deal of time today listening to the music of the late John Hartford for no other reason than that I was simply struck to do so. It’s something I actually recommend that everyone do from time to time. Hartford was truly one of the giants of roots music and served (and still serves) as an inspiration to countless musicians who followed. I don’t proclaim to be an expert on the man or his music, but I know that his vast and expansive catalogue is well worth exploring… something I’m still doing. I may need to head over to Nashville to check out the Hartford exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The exhibit will remain at the museum through January 2010.

Here’s a track from my favorite Hartford album… 1971’s Aereo-Plain. The album is no longer in print. The “buy album” link will take you to the music store at

John Hartford: Back in the Goodle Days (Buy Album)

P.S. — If you’re a big-time John Hartford fan… there is a song called “The Flood of 1997” that appears on the WDVX Tenth Anniversary CD that we put out a couple of years ago. The song was recorded live at WDVX and is (as far as I know) the only official version of the song that exists anywhere. You can get a copy of the disc at the WDVX webstore with all proceeds going to support the station.

Notes: 3/20/09

Posted in John Paul Keith, Tennessee Shines, WDVX on March 20, 2009 by AmericanaPulse

***The above image was taken backstage at last month’s Tennessee Shines and features the show’s host Jim Lauderdale with blues legend Pinetop Perkins. Perkins is just one of the amazing artists who has graced the stage of The Bijou Theatre for a Tennessee Shines performance. I’ve written about most of them here, but I haven’t come anywhere close to giving you the full lowdown on the still-new monthly concert series. The cover story of this week’s Metro Pulse goes in depth on the origins of the series as well as the intricate workings and lofty aspirations of the show. You can check out the full article at the Metro Pulse website. The above photo came from that site as well.

As for this month’s Tennessee Shines, the line up consists of Theresa Anderson, Scott Miller, Donna the Buffalo, and The Gourds. The show is completely sold out, but we will carry all of the festivities live on WDVX. The show kicks off Wednesday night at 7:00.

***Speaking of WDVX… it’s fundraising time again, and we could use the help. We are a listener supported Americana radio station serving the greater Knoxville area and streaming live 24 hours a day at Our single greatest funding source is our listeners, and this is one of the times of the year that we look to them the most. I know times are tough all around, and money is tight in places, but we sure would appreciate any support you may be able to throw our way. You can call 1-866-946-9389 or go to to pledge your support. If you want to donate while I’m on the air… you can do so tonight (Friday) from 6-9, next Wednesday from 6-10, or next Friday from 6-9 (all times Eastern). Thank you.

***Finally… most of you are probably aware that The South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) is taking place this week in Austin, TX. I am, unfortunately, still here in Knoxville this week, but I’ve been trying to follow some of the action in Texas anyway. NPR’s All Songs Considered has been providing daily updates and live performances on their website. Here’s a direct link to a concert by the Avett Brothers. You can also find performances by Blitzen Trapper, The Heartless Bastards, and more.

***For those of us who couldn’t make it to Austin this week… here’s a song from former Knoxville artist and former V-Roy, John Paul Keith. Keith wrote “The SXSW Song (Everybody’s in Austin)” a few years ago when he wasn’t able to attend. This year his new band, John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives, is playing no fewer than five showcases at SXSW. You can find a full list of his performances at his myspace page.

John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives: The SXSW Song (Everyone’s in Austin) (Buy Album)

WDVX Fall Fund Drive

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Just a quick post here to start out the week and let you know about something that’s going on right now.

Regular readers should know by now that I work as a part-time DJ at WDVX Radio in Knoxville, Tennessee. In fact, I know some of you only found this site because you’ve heard me mention it on the air.

For those who don’t know… WDVX is a listener supported Americana station here in Knoxville, and we are now in the middle of our Fall Fund Drive. Twice a year, we come to our listeners and ask them to help us out by making a pledge of financial support to the station. Listener donations make up a substantial portion of our budget and helps to pay for various daily operating expenses such as internet streaming costs, rights fees for the music we play, and equipment maintenance. In short… listener support helps keep us on the air.

If you’re already familiar with WDVX, you can make your pledge online here. If you’ve never listened before, you can find our webstream here.

If you’ve never listened before, come check us out sometime. We play a lot of the music that I talk about here on the blog. It’s mostly a mix of Americana, but we also have specialty shows dedicated to bluegrass, classic country, blues, independent artists, and some more bluegrass. We also broadcast a free live concert series everyday at noon (Eastern time) and a monthly concert series hosted by Jim Lauderdale. There’s a reason Oxford American magazine once called WDVX, “probably the best radio station in the world.”

I’m on the air Wednesday nights from 6-10 and Friday nights from 6-9 (all times Eastern), but feel free to stop by and listen anytime. Maybe you’ll like it and be motivated to donate in the future.

Just for fun… here are a couple of radio songs to get you in the mood.

Elvis Costello: Radio, Radio (Buy Album)
John Hiatt: Pirate Radio (Buy Album)
The Hackensaw Boys: Radio (Buy Album)