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ReviewShine Wednesday: The Avery Set and Last Train

Posted in Last Train, The Avery Set on June 16, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

First… Don’t forget to register for the Mary Gauthier CD giveaway I announced on Monday. The winner will be drawn next Monday.

Now… Every Wednesday, I feature a quick review of at least one album that has been submitted to me through the ReviewShine website. I have cleverly titled this recurring segment “ReviewShine Wednesday.”

Our first band today, The Avery Set, originally hails from Michigan but currently calls Nashville home. The origins of the group can be traced backed six years to when high school friends, singer/songwriter Chris Zehnder and drummer Jake Bartlett, first started playing together. With Brandon Harris on guitar and Shawn Supra on bass, The Avery Set has put together a potent line-up capable of easily shifting gears from rock to country and back.

Their new CD, Returning to Steam, opens with the dreamy travelogue “Wandering Stars,” a song with a simply strummed acoustic melody shining through an arrangement filled with foreboding strings. The strong opener gives way to the rocking “Gotta Move” and the destructive country shuffle of “Salt Mines.” The band continues to slide back and forth between styles, keeping the listener engaged and finding an interesting new sound for each track. Americana-UK called The Avery Set, “Uncle Tupelo for a generation raised on MTV.” That seems appropriate.
The Avery Set: Wandering Shoes (Buy Album)

Up next is another solid country/rock outfit called Last Train. The band hails from Anchorage, Alaska and claims a wide range of influences on its sound… from grunge, to country, to punk. All of those elements shine through in a heavily rock leaning sound that probably does contain a little more grunge than twang. Guitarists/vocalists Mark Ward and Steve Padrick combine with bassist/vocalist Ted Rosenweig and drummer Matt Janssen to craft an energetic set full of roaring guitars and memorable hooks.

What this record also possesses in many spots is a palpable sense of place. The listener becomes fully immersed in the desolate Alaskan landscape in the album opening “Eighteen Wheels” as snowflakes fall on the long lonely highway. It would make the perfect soundtrack for an episode of Ice Road Truckers. Like the wheels on the big rig in the opening track, Last Train continues to run full steam through thirteen tracks on their debut album. TurnAgain is a promising, and rocking, debut effort.

Last Train: Eighteen Wheels (Buy Album)