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A Little Knox Music: Sam Quinn’s The Fake that Sunk a Thousand Ships

Posted in Knoxville Music, Sam Quinn on May 3, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

According to Sam’s website, he’s living in North Carolina these days, but he spent the last several years here in Knoxville. That’s enough for me to devote the latest segment of “A Little Knox Music” to his upcoming release, The Fake that Sunk a Thousand Ships.

Quinn is probably best known to most of you as one half (along with Jill Andrews) of the songwriting team behind indie-folksters the everybodyfields. Of course, the everybodyfields called it quits last June, and Andrews released her first solo EP in October. Now, it’s Quinn’s turn.
On Fake, Quinn visits many of the same places he used to frequent when he was a member of the everybodyfields. Their music was always known for a strong sense of melancholy weaved into music that sounded so heavenly. They often made you wonder how something that sounded so sweet could be so sad. The same question could be asked here.
Case in point… The song “So Strong” builds slowly after an opening electric lick and reads mostly as a dirge with strings and steels swirling around Quinn’s sombre reading of the lyrics. You get a hint of the sadness contained within, but by the time the chorus soars along, you’re swept away by it and too wrapped up in the music to care. Take a closer listen, however, and you’ll hear Quinn sing of a restlessness, a feeling of weakness, and a pain that’s “hurt for so long.”
That hurt is a central theme of the record, and it permeates nearly every one of the ten tracks. Quinn sings lines like “I’m only crying cause the tears weigh so much,” (“Suite Motown”) “I kill myself a little every night,” (“Gun”) and “I never needed anyone except myself” (“Fanboy”). His continued use of first person pronouns such as “I” and “me” let you know that these are his words and his pain. Quinn says the last year of his life has been a particularly trying one with personal and professional break ups. He is just trying to share some of his sadness… and maybe bring a few people along with him. Mission accomplished.
I played the song “Mardi Gras” on the air at WDVX a couple of weeks ago on a Friday afternoon. Before the song was even over, someone called the station to tell me that the music I was spinning was just too depressing for such a beautiful day and the end of the work week. That may be true. This might be more of a late night/rainy day record (perfect night for it in East Tennessee tonight as I write this). Listen to this record when you’re in a good enough mood, and you might even get a little mad at Quinn for trying so hard to bring you down with him.
Listen again, however, and you’ll realize that there is a method to his madness and a beauty to his sadness. If only all of our sorrows sounded so good…
The Fake that Sunk a Thousand Ships will be released May 11th on Ramseur Records. On May 12th Quinn will play the first ever outdoor Blue Plate Special live from The Market Square Stage in downtown Knoxville.
Sam Quinn: So Strong (Buy Album)

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