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Free Music: Rosanne Drucker: Doin’ Hard Time

Posted in Rosanne Drucker on April 12, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

You never know where music will find you.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my trip to Nashville to see Jonatha Brooke at 3rd and Lindsley. I talked about the concert and the wonderful time my wife and I had in the city, but I left out one other interesting part of the story. I was saving it for now.
We had arrived early because knew 3rd and Lindsley was a “partially seated” venue, and we wanted to be among those who were seated. We snagged a prime table near the stage so we would have a nice spot for the show. We had our spot, but we also had an empty chair. During the changeover between Lydia Salnikova and Jonatha Brooke, we were approached by someone who asked if she could make use of it. We obliged.
It was a good fifteen minutes until Jonatha would take the stage, so we engaged in some small talk to pass the time. Eventually, I mentioned that I worked for an Americana radio station and authored this humble blog.
With that admission, I could see our table guest’s eyes widen just a little bit. Turns out she was a musician (In Nashville… what are the odds?), and she just happened to have a CD with her that contained a few tracks from her upcoming project. She asked me if I would take a copy, and it was mostly out of kindness at that point that I accepted. I’ve been in similar situations before and have come away with some truly unremarkable music. I wasn’t certain yet that wasn’t happening again. I was polite, but guarded.
That’s when she started telling me a little more about herself and her project.
Turns out her name was Rosanne, and she came from a musical family. “Remember the Stray Cats?” she asked. Well, her brother is Stray Cats bass player Lee Rocker, and he plays on a track on her record. Oh yeah, her parents, Stanley and Naomi Drucker, are also world famous in classical music circles as concert clarinetists. They are not on the record.
After I learned about her family, she asked me if I’ve ever heard of The Steeldrivers. I had to fight back a bit of laughter as I explained that I’ve known their front man, Chris Stapleton, since we were in 2nd grade together. Chris isn’t involved in the project, but Steeldriver’s banjo player Richard Bailey and fiddle player Tammy Rodgers are. Dobro superstar Rob Ickes is too.
Now, I was officially intrigued.
When I gave the disc a spin the next day, I found that I liked it quite a bit. I’ve been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, and have finally been given the go ahead to share it here. The project that was serendipitously presented to me that night at 3rd and Lindsly was four songs from an EP called Doin’ Hard Time by new Americana singer/songwriter Rosanne Drucker, and the full thing is available now as a free download on her website.
The EP contains seven original tracks co-produced by Rosanne and Mike Loudermilk (John D. Loudermilk’s son), and blends several Americana styles to mostly paint pictures of heartbreak and love gone sour. Three of the four songs on the sampler Rosanne gave me dealt with such topics. The title track makes solid use of Bailey and Ickes to tell a heavily bluegrass flavored tale of a heart trapped behind bars, and “This is Sunday” is a piano ballad that counts the days until a lost lover’s return (he’s not coming). Even the optimistically titled and musically upbeat rockabilly bluegrass tune (featuring Rocker) “Mr. Dream Come True” is about a race horse and not an actual Mr. Right. I’m guessing by the “Aww shoot” thrown in at the end of each chorus that the horse doesn’t even finish in the money.
Although heartbreak permeates the EP, it is still quite an enjoyable listen. The music stays mostly lighthearted even when the lyrics aren’t, and the amazing players Rosanne has assembled make the songs sound great. For her part, Rosanne sings her lyrics with a slight country twang and a conviction that makes you believe she’s been there once or twice herself.
Here’s the title track from the EP to give you a taste. You can download the full thing from her website. Just think of me as the stranger in the club passing you a new CD.
Rosanne Drucker: Doin’ Hard Time (Download EP)