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Forgotten Favorites: Richard Buckner

Posted in Richard Buckner on June 22, 2009 by AmericanaPulse

After reading this post earlier today over at Pretty Goes with Pretty, I began to realize how truly unorganized my iTunes library really is. I have a few playlists here and there, but there’s no true organization other than a few lists my wife made for her iPod. It’s really just 16,000+ songs all floating around in a massive mess of music that I have no hope of taming.

It’s understandable then that some songs and artists get lost in the shuffle from time to time.

That’s why one of my favorite things to do is just put my entire iPod on shuffle and just see what comes up. Often that will lead to me rediscovering songs and artists that I tend to overlook when I’m actively searching for something to listen to.

Which brings me to Richard Buckner.

This weekend, I was doing the random iPod thing when Buckner’s “Rainsquall” popped up in the rotation and prompted me to go back an revisit some more of his catalogue. I put my (incomplete) Buckner collection on random (1995’s Bloomed, 1997’s Devotion & Doubt, and 2004’s Dents & Shells) and soaked up the plaintive growl of his voice.

I’ve always enjoyed Buckner’s music, but I still find myself mostly unfamiliar with a good deal of his work. Of course, that’s one of the dangers of having such an expansive music collection. It’s hard to keep up with, and fully delve into, all the music you want. Things get forgotten.

Today I’m posting some tunes from Richard Buckner (one from each album listed above) that I don’t want to forget again. This three songs also show a nice range of Buckner’s sound with the sparseness of “Lil Wallet Picture,” the lushness of “Her,” and the raw emotion of “Rainsquall.” Enjoy.

Richard Buckner: Rainsquall (Buy Album)
Richard Buckner: Lil Wallet Picture (Buy Album)
Richard Buckner: Her (Buy Album)