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Old 97’s @ The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC Tonight

Posted in Old 97's on July 24, 2008 by AmericanaPulse

Going to see The Old 97’s in Asheville tonight. I’ve never been to a 97’s show before, and I’m pretty excited. They are one of the last bands on my list of must see acts and just about my only chance to see one of the early alt-country bands who are still together and touring in their original incarnation.

I really didn’t discover Americana until around 2002. The Alt-country subgenre came around a year later. Because of that, I missed the chance to see most of the bands that I now idolize.

I’ve seen Ryan Adams, and I’ve seen Caitlin Cary… I never got the chance to see Whiskeytown.
I’ve seen Son Volt, and I’ve seen Wilco… I’ll never have the opportunity to see Uncle Tupelo.
I’ve seen Jason Ringenberg… never Jason and the Scorchers.
I went to the Gary Louris and Mark Olson reunion tour… but even that wasn’t quite The Jayhawks.

When Rhett Miller started releasing solo records a few years back, I thought I’d missed the boat on the Old 97’s as well. Thankfully, that is not the case. The 97’s are touring now behind their new album Blame it on Gravity, and tonight I get to cross them off my list.

I’ll probably post some stuff from the new album at some point. Right now, however, its The Old 97’s Alive and Wired.

The Old 97’s: Wish the Worst (Buy Album)
The Old 97’s: Murder (Or a Heart Attack) (Buy Album)