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ReviewShine Wednesday: Mark Lennon – Down the Mountain

Posted in Mark Lennon, The Cassandras on April 14, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now, and it’s time to finally let you know about it. Mark Lennon is a songwriter from North Carolina who now makes his home in southern California and blends elements of each coast in his 2009 release Down the Mountain.

By his own admission, Mark grew up listening to “hippie music and bluegrass” in his Carolina home. It’s no coincidence then that bluegrass harmonies are prevalent on the rootsy “Tennessee.” The “hippie music” influences show up in numerous places as well. “What I Could Be with You” is a steel and piano led jam straight from the Dead playbook. Lennon’s voice drenches the whole thing in a dose of California sunshine and brings a lightness to most of the tracks.
Then there’s this song… a devastating duet with Simone Stevens called “Wildside.”
Mark Lennon: Wildside (Buy Album)

And here’s a brief bonus track for today…

I know next to nothing about The Cassandras other than they are composed of songwriters Brandon Harvey and Kara Hetz, they are based in Chicago, and they just released a new album called Starter. They didn’t include much with their ReviewShine submission, my internet searches have been futile, and email requests for more info have gone unanswered.
I just know I like their easy brand of folk-pop and would like to know more.
The Cassandras: Nothing’s Free (Buy Album)