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China Songs

Posted in Abigail Washburn, David Bowie, Greg Brown, Kim Richey, R.E.M. on August 16, 2008 by AmericanaPulse

Just a quick post for the weekend…

Of course, the Olympics have been going on for the last week or so in Beijing, China. It’s all I’ve been able to watch for the most part… swimming, diving, gymnastics, team handball, women’s power lifting, beach volleyball, water polo… you name it. I’ve been enthralled by it.

Consequently, I’ve also had a few China related tunes on my mind this past week. Here are a few that have been on repeat inside my head this past week.

Greg Brown: China (Buy Album)
David Bowie: China Girl (Live from VH1 Storytellers) (Buy Album)
Kim Richey: Chinese Boxes (Acoustic Version) (Buy Album)
Abigail Washburn: Song of the Traveling Daughter (Chinese) (Buy Album)
R.E.M.: 7 Chinese Brothers (Buy Album)