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Solomon Burke and Jim Lauderdale

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I found this picture earlier tonight on Buddy Miller’s website. It was taken at Buddy’s house during the recording of Solomon Burke’s Nashville CD. I just thought it was a great picture and wanted to pass it along.

For those who don’t know… Solomon is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and one of the absolute giants of soul and R&B music. Jim is an Americana Jack of All Trades who is a gifted performer, talented songwriter, and the charismatic host of Tennessee Shines. They both look like they’re having the time of their lives working with each other here.
This is a song from Solomon Burke’s 2006 CD Nashville. It was written by Jim Lauderdale.
Solomon Burke: Seems Like You’re Gonna Take Me Back (Buy Album)

Americana Music Awards: Past Song of the Year winners

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The Americana Music Honors and Awards show is this Thursday night in Nashville at the historic Ryman Auditorium. I have gone through most of the nominees and honorees at this year’s event in this space over the last month or so. As we lead up to the event this week, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the previous winners.

Today… song of the year.


Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley: She’s Looking at Me (Buy Album)

For the first year of the award, voters chose a perfect blend of old and new. Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley joins songwriter Jim Lauderdale, an artist known for preserving old-time sounds while updating them for new audiences, on a fun little bluegrass romp, “She’s Looking at Me.” The album, Lost in the Lonesome Pines, won a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album in 2002.


Johnny Cash: Hurt (Buy Album)

Last week’s theme at Star Maker Machine was “Johns,” and poster, Autopsy IV, put up this track for a Johnny Cash post. As he says in his post, I really believe history will remember this as a Johnny Cash song… not a Nine Inch Nails song. Watching the video makes this song that much more heartbreaking.


Rodney Crowell: Fate’s Right Hand (Buy Album)

I’ve posted this song before, and it is one of my favorites. Rodney takes us through a stream of consciousness rant against several of society’s ills. Sex, drugs, disasters, murder, Ken Star, womanizing, government excess, global warming, and war are all covered in just over five minutes.


Buddy Miller: Worry too Much (Buy Album)

Written by the late Mark Heard, this is the leadoff track to Buddy’s gospel-soul flavored album, Universal United House of Prayer. The Steeldrivers’ Tammy Rogers plays fiddle on the track with sisters Ann and Regina McCrary providing backing vocals straight out of a Sunday morning service.


James McMurtry: We Can’t Make it Here (Buy Album)

Here’s another one I’ve posted before. This song just becomes more and more true every time I hear it. From the factory workers who’ve seen their jobs sent overseas, to the veterans living on the streets, to the pregnant teen cast aside by society… We can’t make it here anymore.


Darrell Scott: Hank Williams’ Ghost (Buy Album)

I first heard this song at the 2005 Americana Music Conference as part of a panel where new music was played for DJ’s and radio programmers as a sort of focus group. We all immediately fell in love with the song, and it received the highest ratings of anything we heard that day. No surprise it picked up this award two years later.

Americana Music Awards: Nominees Super Post

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It’s been a while since I posted anything about the upcoming Americana Honors and Awards Show. Since it’s coming up next week, I thought I’d better get back on the ball. You can find my previous posts on the Awards here. A full list of this year’s nominees can be found here (scroll down).

Last month, I started this whole series on the awards nominees by listing the five songs nominated for Song of the Year. Four of the five nominated songs come from albums nominated for Album of the Year. Since I wrote fairly extensively about the artists in that post, I’m not going to write about them again. Instead, here is a list of the nominees with another track from each album.

The nominees are…

Raising Sand from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Just Us Kids from James McMurtry
Trouble in Mind from Hayes Carll
Dirt Farmer from Levon Helm

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss: Fortune Teller (Buy Album)
James McMurtry: Bayou Tortous (Buy Album)
Hayes Carll: Drunken Poet’s Dream (Buy Album)
Levon Helm: Feelin‘ Good (Buy Album)

Out of these four… my vote probably goes to Hayes Carll. If I were betting, however, I would place my money on Levon Helm. I think the fact that he’s making a return from throat cancer, coupled with the fact that Dirt Farmer is truly a killer album will be enough to carry him here. He’s probably the favorite for Artist of the Year as well.

Speaking of which… the nominees for Artist of the Year are…

Levon Helm
James McMurtry
Jim Lauderdale
Steve Earle

John Prine won this award a few years ago when he was making his return from cancer. Levon should take this in a walk. Competition comes from tireless performer and Americana Ambassador, Jim Lauderdale. Lauderdale released two albums during the nomination period (2007’s Bluegrass Diaries and 2008’s Honeysongs), is the long-time host of the Americana Honors and Awards Show, and recently took up hosting duties for the Tennessee Shines radio show. Earle and McMurtry will always get a few votes for their outspokenness and activism. I’ll be shocked, however if Helm doesn’t win this one.

We’ve heard from Helm and McMurtry… here’s a taste of what Earle and Lauderdale were up to over the past year.

Jim Lauderdale: Honey Suckle Honey Pie (Buy Album)
Steve Earle: Sparkle & Shine (Buy Album)

The final group I’ll look at here is Duo/Group of the Year. The nominees are…

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
The Drive-By Truckers
Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, & Fats Kaplan
The Avett Brothers

Judging by the fact that Plant & Krauss were also nominated for Album and Song of the Year, I’d say this award is theirs to lose. The Truckers put out another stellar album this January called Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. My favorite Trucker, Jason Isbell, left the group before the recording of this album, but the Truckers still deliver with another epic effort. Kane Welch Kaplan continues the trio’s signature sound of bluesy acoustic folk. The Avett Brothers didn’t release anything new during the nomination period, but they continue to tour relentlessly with their high energy show, pushing the limits of their sound and bringing their music to new audiences. The Avetts won this award last year, the first year the award was presented.

The Drive-By Truckers: Two Daughters & a Beautiful Wife (Buy Album)
Kane, Welch, Kaplan: That’s What I’ve Got (Buy Album)
The Avett Brothers: Tear Down the House (Buy Album)

There you go… the nominees for this year’s Americana Honors and Awards Show. The show will take place September 18th at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The ceremony will be broadcast live on XM Satellite Radio’s X-Country Channel.

Friendly Reminder: Tennessee Shines

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The man pictured above is Grammy winner Jim Lauderdale. He is the host of Tennessee Shines, a new monthly concert series hosted by WDVX Radio and AC Entertainment here in Knoxville.

This is just a reminder to everyone that you can listen to the inaugural edition of Tennessee Shines tonight (Wednesday) beginning at 7:00 Eastern Time. Just go to and click on the listen online feature on the top left of the page.

Tonight’s show will feature performances from the everybodyfields, Shawn Camp, The Steeldrivers, and Darrell Scott. Should be a heck of a show. You can find out more about the show and hear samples from the artists at a previous post I made here. There’s also more at

Here’s a track from Jim Lauderdale to tide you over until tonight…

Jim Lauderdale: Goodbye Song (Buy Album)

New Knoxville Concert Series: Tennessee Shines

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I’m a little late with this since the official announcement came last week, but I wanted to let everyone know about a new concert series that will make it’s debut later this month in Knoxville at the Bijou Theatre.

As you’ll read in a press release here, Tennessee Shines is a joint production of WDVX Radio, The Knoxville Americana Music Association, AC Entertainment, and The Bijou Theatre. Tennessee Shines will take place on the last Wednesday of every month with the first show being held August 27th. The format will be similar to the WDVX Tenth Anniversary Party that took place at the Bijou last October (that was, in fact, a test run for the new series) with several artists taking the stage for a two hour show. Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale will tie the whole thing together by serving as host. Lauderdale will also perform a song or two at each show.

The line-up for the premiere show includes the everybodyfields, The Steeldrivers, Shawn Camp, and Darrell Scott. Quite a powerful group.

the everybodyfields is a band, primarily composed of songwriters Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, that was formed in Johnson City, TN, but now makes its base in Knoxville. The music of Quinn and Andrews is hard to classify, but contains elements of classic country, alt-country, and indie-folk to create a lush backdrop for the duo’s heavenly harmonies and often melancholy lyrics. Quinn and Andrews are past winners of the Chris Austin songwriting contest at Merlefest, and their latest batch of songs on 2007’s Nothing is OK is among the most ambitious in their catalogue.

The Steeldrivers have been written about before in this space (here), but not enough can be said about how this relatively new band has taken the Americana and Bluegrass worlds by storm over the past year. These Nashville veterans have all paid their dues as contract songwriters and studio players for some of the biggest acts in country music. Now, they’ve stepped out of the shadows to forge their own style of blues laced bluegrass and garner quite a following along the way. The Steeldrivers are nominated for Best New/Emerging Artist at this year’s Americana Honors and Awards Show.

Shawn Camp is another talented performer and songwriter who can convincingly pull off any range of styles from bluegrass to classic country to roots rock and just about anything else in between. His songs have been recorded by Del McCoury, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Patty Loveless, and many others. Josh Turner recently scored a number one country hit with Camp’s “Would You Go With Me.”

Darrell Scott, like Camp, is one of those brilliant songwriters that can turn out hit after hit on country radio without compromising the song itself. His songs have been recorded by The Dixie Chicks (the Grammy winning “Long Time Gone”), Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Guy Clark, and others. Scott is a tremendous performer in his own rite as well. His song, “Hank Williams’ Ghost,” was named Song of the Year by the Americana Music Association last year, and his new album, Modern Hymns, is set for release August 19th… just in time for the Tennessee Shines show. You can listen to some of the songs from Scott’s new album on his myspace page.

Of course, the whole thing is hosted by the incomparable Jim Lauderdale. He’s a Grammy winner. He’s a terrific musician, and a prolific songwriter (four new albums since 2006). He’s equally comfortable in any number of musical styles including bluegrass, country, pop, blues, rockabilly… you name it. He’s the host of the Americana Music Honors and Awards Show. Now he’s the host of Tennessee Shines every month at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville.

The shows will be broadcast live on WDVX with eyes on syndication in the future as well. More information can be found at and Tickets can be found online at

Here’s a little taste of all the artists who will be appearing at the first Tennessee Shines show August 27th.

the everybodyfields: Aeroplane (Buy Album)
The Steeldrivers: East Kentucky Home (Buy Album)
Shawn Camp: Will You Go With Me (Buy Album)
Darrell Scott: Hank Williams’ Ghost (Buy Album)
Jim Lauderdale: Honky Tonk Mood Again (Buy Album)

If I may borrow a phrase from Jim Lauderdale… “Now that’s Americana!”