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Israel Nash Gripka: New York Town

Posted in Israel Nash Gripka on October 5, 2009 by AmericanaPulse

Just a small update today with a quick look at the album New York Town by songwriter Israel Nash Gripka. I’m a little late on this one seeing as how it’s been out since the spring, but I just discovered it recently and have been enjoying it quite a bit lately. Better late than never, I’m told.

Most reviews of this record that I’ve read point out a similarity to Gold era Ryan Adams. The cover photo even heavily recalls Adams’ “New York, New York” video and could easily be the tattered wallet photo mentioned in the second verse of that song. Gripka’s album opening “Evening” speaks of hitting the ground running and delivers on that promise with an uptempo acoustic shuffle that gets things off to a great start. He follows that with “Pray for Rain,” a tune that could have easily been placed on any of John Fogerty’s studio albums without anyone noticing. He seamlessly recreates Fogerty’s trademarked Bayou stew right down to the vocals. Things only get better from there.
Here’s a taste…
Israel Nash Gripka: Evening (Buy Album)
Israel Nash Gripka: Pray for Rain (Buy Album)
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