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ReviewShine Wednesday: Cornucopia Edition

Posted in Girl Haggard, Leland Sundries, Lucinda Black Bear, Marcus Hummon on November 25, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

Every Wednesday, I feature a brief review of at least one album that has been submitted to me through the ReviewShine website. I have cleverly titled this recurring segment “ReviewShine Wednesday. This week, I’m offering (a little late) several quick reviews to serve up a Thanksgiving feast of music and help clear out my inbox a bit.

Given their name (and it is a great name), you’d be forgiven for thinking Girl Haggard was an all girl Merle Haggard cover band.  While they do draw on some of the same themes you’d find in Merle’s music, Girl Haggard is something else entirely.  The band features Nashville vocalist Mandy Allan singing in front of a trio of musicians from Providence, RI in a punk and country style that draws easy comparisons to The Knitters or Those Darlins.  If you really want to know where this band is coming from, just look at song titles like “Providence and Bourbon,” “Hungover/Pissed Off,” “Thinkin’ About Drinkin’,” and the tender duet featured here, “Drunk, Broke, and In Love (The Hank Shuffle).”

Girl Haggard: Drunk, Broke, and In Love (The Hank Shuffle) (Buy Album)

Up next is a five piece band from New York City called Lucinda Black Bear.  I first discovered the band a few years ago when they were featured on the NPR podcast, All Songs Considered.  I was intrigued by their sound, but I never took the time to follow up on what I heard in the podcast.  When I saw their new album Knives in my ReviewShine inbox, I knew I didn’t want to miss out on this one as well.  The lushly arranged and produced album contains elements of pop, indie-rock, and alt-country (heavy on the “alt”) and at times recalls anyone from Spoon to Arcade Fire. A different sound for this site… but a nice sound nonetheless.

Lucinda Black Bear: Suffocation Blues (Buy Album)

Another New York artist (from Brooklyn) is a project fronted by songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton called Leland Sundries.  I have always known Eaton as a promoter of music more than a maker of music.  He also works for a publicity agency and has been responsible for sending more than a few quality artists to my inbox.  Now he can count himself among them.  These five songs form a promising debut from an artist with a literate approach to songwriting and a deliberate vocal delivery that echoes a modern day Lou Reed.  The laid back folk musings of The Apothecary EP could prove to be quite an addictive drug.

Leland Sundries: Elegy (Buy Album)

Finally… We close with an album that I’ve been meaning to fit into this space for some time now, but just never got around to featuring.  Marcus Hummon is a Grammy winning songwriter from Nashville who is best known for writing hit songs like “Cowboy Take Me Away” (Hummon’s version appears here) and “Ready to Run” for the Dixie Chicks.  In fact, Hummon has three number ones to his name, even if it’s a name you haven’t heard before.  With his obvious songwriting chops, it’s not surprising that his new album Rosana focuses on the bare essence of the songs with Darrell Scott’s production placing most of the emphasis on Hummon’s words and voice.

Marcus Hummon: Rosanna (Buy Album)