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Best of 2010: 12-10

Posted in Drunk on Crutches, Patty Griffin, Tift Merritt, Top 21 of 2010 on December 25, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

We’re kicking into overdrive now. The Top 10 begins in this post.

#12 – Downtown Church by Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin is one of my all time favorites.  From her acoustic only debut album Living With Ghosts to her her much heavier produced follow up Flaming Red to the more polished and mature releases of her tenure with ATO Records, Griffin has hit a home run with me on nearly every one of her albums.  Griffin’s music was one of the first topics I ever discussed with my wife, and her music has always been present at each important stage in our time together.  She has the voice of an angel, and certain moments of her live shows fall just short of being religious experiences.  Recording a gospel album was a fully logical step.

This isn’t just any gospel album, though.  It has that rare combination of musical and spiritual resonance that you won’t find in your average praise band.  Producer and Americana All-Star Buddy Miller teams with Griffin to create beautifully textured songs that grab both the ear and the soul.  Friends like Raul Malo, Jim Lauderdale, Julie Miller, Mike Farris, and Regina & Ann McCrary joined Griffin for the recording sessions at Nashville’s Downtown Presbyterian Church. I like to imagine the recording sessions as little church services led by Griffin as she recorded her vocals from the pulpit.  The word you’re looking for is “Hallelujah.”

Patty Griffin: If I Had My Way (Buy Album)

#11 – See You on the Moon by Tift Merritt

As an artist, Tift Merritt has always been about evolution.  Merritt’s sound has morphed over the years from the classic country of her early duets with The Two Dollar Pistols to the Memphis soul of Tambourine to the layered and varied sounds of See You on the Moon.  She is one of those artists that I’ve followed from the very beginning, and it’s been amazing to watch her grow over the years.  She has evolved into a very formidable artist and someone who never seems to disappoint with her music.

For her new record, Merritt took another step forward and exposed another facet of her sound.  The sweeping strings and subtle hand-clap percussion of “Mixtape” give that track an R&B vibe while the deeply layered and textured “Feel of the World” (with Jim James of My Morning Jacket) is among the most ambitious tracks in Merritt’s catalogue.  You can credit producer Tucker Martine for providing Merritt with some of the direction needed to pull off this next step in her evolution, but you also need to credit Merritt herself for being willing to take that step in the first place.

Tift Merritt: Feel of the World (Buy Album)

#10 – People. Places. Things. by Drunk on Crutches

Los Angeles’ Drunk on Crutches was easily my favorite surprise of 2010.  It all started when I saw People. Places. Things. posted on ReviewShine, and I couldn’t help but wonder what a band named Drunk on Crutches would sound like.  I fell in love with the album on first listen, posted a brief review on the site, and started playing a couple of tracks on WDVX.  Well it turns out that lead singer Jennifer Whittenburg’s mother listens to WDVX and heard me playing her daughter’s music.  She posted a few times on the WDVX facebook page, I contacted her back, and before long the band from L.A. was in Knoxville doing a live spot on the Blue Plate Special.

Drunk on Crutches play a guitar fueled brand of roots rock that is immediately memorable and full of hooks.  Whittenburg’s voice is both breathy and powerful, making her vocals just as effective in the quiet moments (“Oh Well”) as it is in the loud ones (“Tupelo,” “Using Me Up,” “Drink Up Buttercup”).  For those of you like me who came to Americana from the Rock & Roll side of the fence, this is one you need to hear.  Turn it up to eleven, sit back, and enjoy.

Drunk on Crutches: Tupelo (Buy Album)

Happy Holidays everybody!

Drunk on Crutches on WDVX Blue Plate Special

Posted in Drunk on Crutches on July 12, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

Back in March, I introduced you to a really cool roots/rock band out of L.A. called Drunk on Crutches.

I have to admit that I gave the band a first listen based mostly on their name. I just had to know what something called Drunk on Crutches would sound like. I don’t really know what I was expecting from their album People. Places. Things., but what I got was one of my favorite new discoveries of the year.
This is just a reminder that Drunk on Crutches will play the WDVX Blue Plate Special Monday at Noon (Eastern). It’s a live concert series that is broadcast live on WDVX and Check it out if you get the chance.

ReviewShine Wednesday: Drunk on Crutches

Posted in Drunk on Crutches, Greg Horne on March 24, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

We’re going with a bit of a different sound today for ReviewShine Wednesday with the rock heavy music of Drunk on Crutches. The band’s sound is primarily built around brash rock and roll guitars that contain just the right amount of swagger to place them perfectly in their home base of L.A. This isn’t just some California vanity project, though. Listen closely, and you’ll start to hear songwriter and vocalist Jennifer Whittenburg’s Georgia roots begin to show.

Maybe it was the wailing harmonica and the railing against the bright lights of Los Angeles in “Using Me Up.” Maybe it was Whittenburg’s smokey vocal on the downbeat acoustic number “Oh Well.” It may have even been the dreamy country-rock reading of Neil Young’s “L.A.” Whatever it was, something about this album grabbed me immediately and brought me in. This is a highly melodic (check out the track I’m posting, “Apt. 16”) album that satisfies my Rock & Roll side quite nicely.
Drunk On Crutches: Apt 16 (Buy Album)

This post is also serving as a reminder that I will be joined on the air at WDVX tonight by local musician Greg Horne. It’s all part of the Spring Fund Drive at WDVX. As I mentioned before, Greg is a phenomenally talented guitar player who is well respected in Knoxville as a songwriter, session player, producer, side man, and solo artist.

Greg’s new solo project, Basically Sane, came out recently and has been warmly received in town. It’s mostly an acoustic effort built to showcase Greg’s playing and lyrics. At it’s heart, Basically Sane is a folk record, but it’s more than that as well. The more traditional numbers such as “Fall on My Knees” and “Rock That Cradle, Joe” are offset by the more rocking “I Liked You Better” and the trippy “Phone Call From Glen.” No matter the style, each song is built around Greg’s extremely skilled finger picked melodies that showcase a talent that deserves to be heard outside of Knoxville.
You can hear Greg with me in the studio at 6:00 (Eastern) by tuning to the WDVX webcast or find out more at his website.
Greg Horne: I Liked You Better (Buy Album)