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Amy Speace on The Blue Plate Special

Posted in Amy Speace, Blue Plate Special, Donna the Buffalo on October 19, 2008 by AmericanaPulse

A heads up for anyone who wants to hear some good live music on the (web) radio tomorrow. Monday at noon (Eastern), Amy Speace & The Tearjerks will perform on The Blue Plate Special on WDVX.

I first became familiar with Amy’s music a couple of years ago at the 2005 Americana Music Conference in Nashville. My friend Rob McNurlin had seen her perform at a showcase away from the conference site and could not stop raving about her set. After hearing his recommendation, I found a stack of Amy’s sampler CDs that had been strategically placed inside the convention center for conference delegates to snatch up. Of course, I snatched one up, gave it a listen, and immediately fell in love with the first track, “Step Out of the Shade.”

At times reminiscent of Dar Williams… and at times Lucinda Williams… the four songs on the sampler made me very anxious to hear the full album, Songs for Bright Street, and anxious to learn more about Amy herself.

I got the chance to do the latter when I met Amy later that weekend at the Americana Conference Trade Show. I told her how much I enjoyed the music I had heard and asked when I could get the full album to play on the air (I was at Morehead State Public Radio at the time).

That’s when something weird happened.

Amy said the album was completed, but due to record company reasons it would probably not see release until early 2006. Then she asked me not to play anything from the sampler on the air until the full album was ready to be released. That was the first time an artist asked me NOT to play his or her music on the air. It seems she didn’t want a few stations playing it early and then taking it out of rotation before the album hit. If everyone started playing it at the same time, it would have a bigger impact on the Americana Album Airplay Chart. I honored her request and decided to wait for the full album before playing her music.

The only problem was that the album release was pushed back and pushed back again. By the time it was finally released in late May of 2006, I had left Morehead State Public Radio and moved to Knoxville. At the time, I didn’t have a regular radio gig. And even now, we don’t have a copy of Songs for Bright Street at WDVX. I never got the chance to spread the word on Amy’s music.

So now I’m taking the opportunity to do so. Here are a couple of tracks from that sampler CD I picked up off of a table full of free discs at the Americana Conference three years ago. They’re also on Amy’s 2006 album Songs for Bright Street. I finally get the chance to share.

Amy Speace: Step Out of the Shade (Buy Album)
Amy Speace: Not the Heartless Kind (Buy Album)

Once again… Amy Speace will perform on The WDVX Blue Plate Special Monday at noon (Eastern) in a twin bill with Andy Friedman & The Other Failures. You can listen online at If you’re in Knoxville, stop on by and catch the free show on Gay Street.

Tuesday’s Blue Plate will feature a visit from jam-folkers Donna the Buffalo. They’re out promoting their new CD Silverlined.

Donna the Buffalo: Locket and Key (Buy Album)
Donna the Buffalo: Garden of Eden (Buy Album)