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ReviewShine Wednesday: David Hidalgo & Louie Perez

Posted in David Hidalgo and Louie Perez, Los Lobos on March 31, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

This recurring Wednesday feature is usually a place where I spotlight a new or unknown artist who I am sharing with you even as I am discovering them for the first time. David Hidalgo and Louie Perez, however, are neither new or unknown. In fact the pair of high school friends have been writing songs together for over 40 years now with their best known efforts coming as the driving creative forces behind the infinitely influential Roots Rock/Tex-Mex band Los Lobos.

With their new release The Long Goodbye, Hidalgo and Perez take the opportunity to share their work as a duo without the support of their Los Lobos band mates. Even without the rest of the group along for the ride, Hidalgo and Perez showcase the broad range of styles and influences that set Los Lobos apart from the beginning. “What Good is Love” is a gritty, dusty rocker that features two songwriters at the top of their games. “When Love Fails” is pure Country with a touch of border flavor. “Till the Hands Fall off the Clock” has a classic honky-tonk sound… if you could find a honky-tonk joint where the band played accordions instead of pedal steels. The rest of the songs on the album move from acoustic folk, to rock, to border rave ups with relative ease.
This is a fine set of tunes from two important artists that serves as a retrospective of their careers while also offering up something new. Fans of Los Lobos will love the insight into musical partnership of Hidalgo and Perez over the last four decades. Newcomers and latecomers to the band may find themselves searching out a copy of How Will the Wolf Survive?
David Hidalgo & Louie Perez: What Good is Love (Buy Album)