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Random Weekend Post: Carrie Rodriguez

Posted in Carrie Rodruguez, Chip Taylor, John Prine on April 17, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

Yesterday I featured music from Kasey Anderson and Chip Robinson because they will be appearing on the WDVX Blue Plate Special on Monday. They will be joined in that appearance by Carrie Rodriguez. Since I don’t want to leave her out, here are a couple of videos featuring her. Don’t forget to listen to the Blue Plate Special Monday at Noon (Eastern) on WDVX.

Here’s a song called “Absence” from her previous album She Ain’t Me

…one called “Sweet Tequila Blues” from her time with Chip Taylor…

…and just for fun… a partial version of Carrie singing “In Spite of Ourselves” with John Prine.

Monday Blue Plate Special: Kasey Anderson, Chip Robinson, & Carrie Rodriguez

Posted in Carrie Rodruguez, Chip Robinson, Kasey Anderson on April 16, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

Monday is going to be a big day on the WDVX Blue Plate Special, and I wanted to give everyone enough of a heads up that you’ll have time to plan accordingly. Monday’s show will be a triple bill featuring songwriter Kasey Anderson, former Backslider’s frontman Chip Robinson, and Texas fiddler/chanteuse Carrie Rodriguez (Kasey and Chip will also play Monday night at The Preservation Pub). The Blue Plate Special will be aired live Monday at Noon (Eastern) on WDVX’s website.

If you want to know more about Carrie Rodriguez and her new collection of covers, Love and Circumstance, you can check out what boyhowdy had to say over at Cover Lay Down. I think it might still be too early to share this one here.
Today, we’re going to focus on Kasey Anderson & Chip Robinson.
First up, we’ll talk about Kasey Anderson. Kasey is a songwriter from the Northwest who I’ve known for years now as a fellow poster on the message boards at the Alt-Country Tab website. I’ve been relatively absent from that site for a while now, but I’ve kept an ear on Kasey for the last year or so. I’ve been consistently impressed with what I’ve heard.
His latest effort, Nowhere Nights, is out now on his own Red River Records. It’s a powerful and fiery record about leaving, moving on, and facing the consequences of the journey. With songs like “Bellingham Blues,” “Torn Apart,” and the title track, Kasey makes you feel the asphalt under your feet and the match in your hand as he runs off and burns bridges on his way out of town.
Here’s an mp3 of the rocking “Torn Apart” and the video for the haunting “I Was a Photograph.” The latter tells the story of U.S. Marine James Blake Miller and his troubles since returning from Iraq.
Kasey Anderson: Torn Apart (Buy Album)

Next up is Chip Robinson. Chip is making a triumphant return to music after a decade long absence with his new solo project, Mylow. Chip got his start as front man for the North Carolina based alt-country outfit, The Backsliders, in the late 1990’s. The Backsliders made two amazing records together before disbanding at the end of the decade. Chip has been largely absent from the music scene since then.

With Mylow’s opening track, “Preface,” we find out where he’s been. The song paints a picture of a man trapped in a “dark and empty place” where he battles countless demons and is beyond the reach of any helping hands. As the album proceeds, Chip faces those demons and pulls himself out of the spiral. The anthemic chorus of the title track reminds us all that… no matter what we’ve been through… everything will work out if we just keep our heads up.
Chip Robinson: Mylow (Buy Album)
Here’s a bonus YouTube vid of Chip doing one of his classic Backsliders tunes.

Tennessee Shines: October 29th

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The latest installment of the new Tennessee Shines concert series takes place tomorrow night at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville. This month, the show will feature music from Ben Sollee, Shannon Whitworth, Julie Lee, The Steep Canyon Rangers, Cherryholmes, and Carrie Rodriguez. Once again, the whole thing will be held together by our Grammy winning host Jim Lauderdale.

You can find out more about all the artists on this month’s show by visiting, but I wanted to highlight a couple of them here as well. I’ll start with Carrie Rodriguez.

I’ve written about Carrie before… but that post was deleted by Blogger due to a song by another artist that was included in the post. What I said then, and what I’ll say again now, is that her new album, She Ain’t Me, is quite a departure from her collaborations with Chip Taylor that helped her launch her career. Carrie has mostly put away her fiddle for this record in favor of a more textured sound that really takes her music to a place it has never really visited before. She was able to reach those places with help from collaborators Gary Louris, Jim Boquist, Dan Wilson, Mary Gauthier, and Lucinda Williams.

Here’s one from Carrie’s new album along with one from her days recording with Chip Taylor.

Carrie Rodriguez: Infinite Night (Buy Album)
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez: Sweet Tequila Blues (Buy Album)

On the singer-songwriter front… Carrie Rodriguez will be joined by cellist Ben Solle, former Biscuit Burner Shannon Whitworth, and former sculptor Julie Lee. In addition to spending time as a visual artist, Julie Lee also spent two years as an English teacher in Budapest, Hungary before moving to Nashville to pursue songwriting as a career. Lee has toured with Alison Krauss and placed two songs on Alison’s 2007 release A Hundred Miles or More. Here is the title track from Julie Lee’s 2004 album Stillhouse Road featuring Vince Gill.

Julie Lee: Stillhouse Road (Buy Album)

For the bluegrass portion of the show this month, we get a pair of high-energy, award-winning groups who are among my favorites currently working in the genre. I’m talking about Grammy nominees and 2005 IBMA Entertainers of the Year, Cherryholmes, and 2006 IBMA Emerging Artists of the Year, The Steep Canyon Rangers.

Cherryholmes is a family band in the grand country music tradition. Parents Jere and Sandy Lee Cherryholmes play and sing alongside their four children Cia Leigh, Molly Kate, B.J., and Skip. All six members of the family write, play, and sing to form a real powerhouse sound that honors the traditions of bluegrass music while keeping it fresh for a new generation.

The Steep Canyon Rangers formed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the late 1990’s and have played the part of the hard-playing, hard-touring bluegrass band ever since. This is another band that helps keep bluegrass music fresh by fusing the music with a rock and roll energy and enthusiasm.

Here are a couple of tracks from both bands that highlight their award winning talents. File all these songs under “love gone wrong.”

Cherryholmes: Don’t Give Your Heart to a Knoxville Girl (Buy Album)
Cherryholmes: You Don’t Know What Love is (Buy Album)
Steep Canyon Rangers: A Ramblin’ Man is a Ramblin’ Man (Buy Album)
Steep Canyon Rangers: Pick Up the Blues (Buy Album)

Tennessee Shines takes place Wednesday night at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville. If you can’t make it to the show, I’ll be in the WDVX studios making sure the whole thing is broadcast live on WDVX and