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Cadillac Sky: Letters from the Deep

Posted in Cadillac Sky on April 5, 2010 by AmericanaPulse

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of being joined in the WDVX studio by the bluegrass band Cadillac Sky. They were in town for a performance on Tennessee Shines and were nice enough to stop by before the show.

I expected them to have fun on the air and play a couple of tunes. I did not expect them to hand me a brand new copy of their upcoming CD Letters from the Deep. I mean, the thing isn’t set to be released to the public until June, and (to my knowledge at least) there weren’t really any preview copies making the rounds yet. As it turned out, however, the CD printing process was completed earlier in the week, and I became the first very DJ to get my hands on a copy.
I played two songs on the air Wednesday, and the guys shared two more live in the studio. Since then, I’ve had time to listen to the record a few times, and I like what I’ve heard.
For this release, Cadillac Sky teamed with rocker Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) to produce a bluegrass record that is free of what the band calls the “slick” sound of modern bluegrass. Auerbach, it seems, grew up listening to old-time bluegrass music and wanted to bring a more natural sound to the album. That feat was accomplished by recording everything live in the studio with no computer effects or digital trickery applied.
That’s not to say that this sounds like a strictly traditional bluegrass album. The soul of the traditional sound is there, but it’s laced with a bit of an edge as well. The harmonies on most of the album sound more like The Fleet Foxes than The Stanley Brothers (“Trash Bag” especially). There’s a sense of abandon that runs throughout as well. The opening track, “Trapped Under the Ice” is built around a slightly off kilter melody that threatens to derail at any moment. They somehow manage to keep it on the tracks and chugging along for the rest of the record.
I wish I could share a track or two with you here, but I promised to wait until closer to the June 8th release date (You can pre-order now at their website). I can, however, share with you the entirety of Cadillac Sky’s visit to the WDVX studios. This is my entire conversation with the band… including live versions of two songs from the new album (“Hangman” & “Bathsheeba”).
I will warn you that the audio quality of the two songs isn’t the best. The guys played and sang with such energy and emotion that they overpowered the studio mic at times. At one point during “Bathsheeba,” they even overpowered the recording device. Even so… I think you can get a feel for the songs and the fun and irreverent nature of this band.
As usual… disregard any reference to “tonight’s show.” It already happened.
Cadillac Sky in the WDVX studio (Pre-Order Album)