A Little Knox Music: Scott Miller’s Christmas Gift

I know it’s not quite the Holiday season yet… and I generally don’t like to get into Christmas music until after Thanksgiving… but today is the release date for Scott Miller’s new holiday disc Christmas Gift.  New music from Miller is a great gift no matter when it is shared, and I wanted to share this one with you now.

On this EP Miller wraps up seven tracks ranging from the original to the traditional with a few classic covers thrown in for good measure and places each one under the tree with care.  It’s a short set, but each song delivers, and there are no lumps of coal in the stocking.

The set begins with “Kingdom Has Come” a duet of sorts between Miller and Knoxville’s own R.B. Morris as well as a juxtaposition between a Miller original and a reading of T.S. Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi.”  Morris reads from Eliot’s verse about the Three Wise Men’s trip to Bethlehem as Miller sings of a similar journey.  Miller had originally asked Morris to read from The Book of Luke, but Morris suggested the Eliot piece instead.  It’s a beautiful combination.

The disc proceeds with the much punchier “Yes Viriginia,” the only other Miller original in the set.  Miller then tackles a tune from one of his heroes, John Prine’s “Christmas in Prison,” before diving into an upbeat bluegrass working of the traditional “Joyful, Joyful.”  The instrumental plays as a cross between Handel’s Messiah and “Dueling Banjos.”

After paying tribute to two more of his favorite songwriters with Roger Miller’s “Old Toy Trains” and Neil Young’s “Star of Bethleham,” Scott Miller closes out the disc with another traditional tune.  This time, it’s a sombre harmonica and piano instrumental reading of the hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

As I said, it still feels a bit early to be talking about Christmas music, but early Holiday greetings are at the heart of this project.  Miller says his wife’s family has a tradition of trying to say the words “Christmas Gift” to each other as early as possible on Christmas Day.  He says releasing this EP in November is his way of beating the entire family to the punch.  It’s a welcome early stocking stuffer.

Scott Miller w/R.B. Morris: Kingdom Has Come (Buy Album)

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