WDVX Fall Fund Drive

Today is the final day of the WDVX Fall Fund Drive, but there is still plenty of time to call or go online to support East Tennessee’s Own listener supported community radio station.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with WDVX… It is a locally owned, non-commercial, Americana radio station dedicated to keeping real radio and real music on the air.  I’d call it my favorite station even if I didn’t work there as a DJ on Wednesday and Friday nights.  You can listen on line at our website, wdvx.com.

For about a week and a half now, we’ve been taking to the airwaves to ask our listeners for financial support to keep the music going on WDVX.  As a non-commercial station, we rely on our listeners to provide funding to help keep us on the air.  We have these fund drives twice a year, and they routinely serve as the single largest funding source for the station.

The drives are a lot of hard work, but we also try to have fun on the air while these things are going on.  Lots of guests, volunteers, and artists are constantly stopping by to chat on the air and play some live music for our audience.  I had several artists share the air with me during this fund drive, and like to share a couple of performances from their visits with you here.

During this drive, I was visited by local Knoxville musicians Karen E. Reynolds, Mic Harrison, Greg Horne, and R.B. Morris.  Greg and R.B. brought their guitars along with them and were nice enough to share some songs with me that I’m now going to share with you.  This is what you’re missing by not tuning in and supporting WDVX.

Neither of these songs have an official studio release.  The Buy links point to the artists’ websites.

Greg Horne: Bury Me Beneath the Barstool (Buy Music)
R.B. Morris: Bardstown Road (Buy Music)

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