ReviewShine Wednesday: Driver

In doing some extra research on today’s band, I discovered that “Driver” is a very popular band name. I should point out before we start, then, that this is not Driver, the rock band from Northern Michigan or Driver, the hard rock band from California or even Driver, the French rapper.  This is Driver, the roots rock band from Austin, TX who have just released their debut album Dashboard Alchemy.

While the band is new, its members certainly aren’t strangers in their hometown of Austin.  Driver is primarily made up from members of Austin stalwarts Javelin Boot who found out they weren’t quite ready to take the break from music they thought they were.  Guitarist/vocalist Volney Campbell, guitarist/vocalist Scott Bonneau, bassist/vocalist Blake Patterson, and Drummer Rob Solomon are all musical vets who bring a certain level of maturity to their rock heavy sound.  Driver may put you in the passenger seat, but they’ll take you on a heckuva ride.

Driver: Don’t Drink My Whiskey (Buy Album)

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