2010 Americana Music Awards Winners & Audio Archive

In case you missed it, the Americana Music Awards were handed out Thursday night during an all-star studded show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Since I spent the last couple of weeks handicapping and attempting to predict the winners… I thought I should share the results of the show with you as well.
The winners are:

Duo/Group of the Year: The Avett Brothers
New/Emerging Artist of the Year: Hayes Carll
Instrumentalist of the Year: Buddy Miller
Album of the Year: The List by Rosanne Cash
Song of the Year: “The Weary Kind” by Ryan Bingham
Artist of the Year: Ryan Bingham

The biggest awards of the night were also the two easiest categories to predict. Ryan Bingham had an amazing year and deserves every accolade that comes his way. He was Artist of the Year, and “The Weary Kind” was Song of the Year… no doubt.

Buddy Miller was also no surprise. He’s now been named Instrumentalist of the Year three of the past four years. The year he didn’t win… he was named Artist of the Year. He’s like John Larroquette in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category at the Emmys in the 1980’s. Larroquette won four years in a row and then asked to no longer be considered for the award. Maybe it’s time to let someone else have a shot at this one.

There were mild upsets (in my opinion) in the Duo/Group and Album of the Year categories. I really thought the Dave Rawlings Machine would take home at least one of those awards. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised at Rosanne’s win due to her emotional connection to the music and the link back to her father. I do find, however, that I’m not as enamored with the kinder, gentler version of the Avett Brothers as everyone else seems to be.

The biggest puzzler of the night was Hayes Carll’s win for Best New/Emerging Artist. Let me say first… I love Hayes Carll. I love his music. I’ve met him twice and interviewed him once… he’s a nice guy. I’ve been a big fan for a long time. And that’s kind of the issue here isn’t it?

I first came in contact with Carll’s music in 2005 when he released Little Rock. That album went to #1 on the Americana Airplay Chart. His next album went to #1 on the chart. He won Song of the Year at last year’s AMA Awards. He’s toured with Dierks Bently and written with Ray Wylie Hubbard. He’s about as established as an artist can be. At least I thought he was. It’s just odd for me to see him win an award for a new artist. I’d love to see the nominating criteria for this award.

Anyway… By all accounts, last night was an amazing night for Americana Music, and I sorely wish I could have been there.

I remember my first AMA Awards show in 2004. It was held in a giant meeting room at the Nashville Conference Center on a makeshift stage in the corner of the room. The audience sat in folding chairs and sat in silence through numerous technical glitches and sound problems in between performances.

In 2010, the show was held at Country Music’s Mother Church, The Ryman Auditorium (as it has been since 2005). It was broadcast live on Sirius/XM Satelitte Radio and streamed live on NPR.org. The night’s big winner is also an Oscar winner, and the closing performance came from one of the greatest voices in Rock & Roll history, Robert Plant. Yeah. Robert Plant performed at the Americana Music Conference.

When I think of how far this genre of music has come in the last decade, it makes me proud to have been a part of it all in what ever small way I have been involved as a DJ and blogger. I can’t wait to see where it’s headed.

If you want to know where Americana Music is now and where it was last night, you can still listen to last night’s awards show over at the NPR Music website. They have the entire show archived and available for streaming.

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