ReviewShine Wednesday: Lohio

Every Wednesday, I feature a brief review of at least one album that has been submitted to me through the ReviewShine website. I have cleverly titled this recurring segment “ReviewShine Wednesday.”

Today we feature something different… Lohio, a band out of Pittsburgh led by songwriter Greg Dutton and what sounds like several dozen of his closest friends. Although the band lists only four official members, somehow they manage to sound like a large collective of musicians not unlike larger ensembles such as The Cloud Cult or Polyphonic Spree. Bursting out of the largeness of their sound on their new Family Tree EP is an overwhelming sense of ebullience and joy that takes the form of bouncy pop hooks and can’t help but make you smile.

The band recorded this project in an old farmhouse-turned-studio in upper Pennsylvania. Before each recording session they would listen to the previous day’s tracks while preparing dinner. They would then sit down to a large family-style feast before heading back into the studio. It would have been nice to have a seat at that table.
Lohio: Leave the City, Leave Your Room! (Buy Album)
(Buy album link points to previous, self-titled release. Keep an eye on the band’s official website for a forthcoming link to buy the new EP.)

One Response to “ReviewShine Wednesday: Lohio”

  1. The new EP is great. NIce write up. I like the story about the band making dinner for each other…I can definitely see that happening.

    We just did a live session with the band. If you're a fan of Lohio you should definitely check out the two live versions of their best songs.

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