The Weepies: Wonderful Music for New Babies

Just checking in to let everyone know that things are going wonderfully with the new baby, but my free time has completely vanished for the current moment. My sabbatical from blogging may be a bit more prolonged than I had originally anticipated. I’d love to tell you about cool new releases from Samantha Crain, Paul Thorn, Luke Doucet, and a few other new releases that I’ve been enjoying lately. I’d love to, but I just haven’t been able to. Maybe soon…

I have, however, spent a lot of time listening to music with my daughter during feedings and other quiet times. Doing so has rekindled my love for the music of Steve Tannen and Deb Talon… otherwise known as The Weepies. Their wispy folk melodies and easy harmonies are the perfect cure for a fussy (my new favorite word) baby. I can’t wait to play her their new album when it drops at the end of the month.

Here are a few YouTube vids of The Weepies. First is one from the new album, followed by a couple of classics.

2 Responses to “The Weepies: Wonderful Music for New Babies”

  1. Congrats man–I am totally behind on reading blogs and had not read the good news–takes me back a while to when our first son was born. Enjoy it–it is like nothing else. Oh and one of the best things we ever did was to start a blog about our three boys–one of whom is old enough to post on it himself. A great way to keep a journal about the kids.

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