Random Weekend Post: Spirit Family Reunion

I was all set to go with a different artist today, but I was so completely blown away by this group last night at Ferd’s Friday that I had to feature them here instead.

The Spirit Family Reunion hail from Brooklyn and finally made it to Knoxville Friday night after some van troubles left them unable to make their scheduled spot on the Blue Plate Special on Thursday. I’m sorry they broke down, but I’m glad I got to see them perform their blend of gospel/folk/punk.
What I saw was an incredibly energetic group of musicians who poured every ounce of themselves into their performance. There was stomping, shaking, swinging, and sweating on every corner of the stage… there was even some merchandise falling off the walls of the Knoxville Visitor’s Center where the show was held. They gained at least one fan last night… and had a few dollars tossed in to their van repair fund.
Here’s one video that I was able to embed…
Spirit Family Reunion – Cold, So Cold – SXSW 2010 from DUKE STREET on Vimeo.

…and a link to one more that I couldn’t.

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