Over the Rhine: Let’s Make a Record

Want to help a great band make their next record?

One of the growing trends in the music industry over the past few years has been artists reaching out to their fans for help in making their music. As more and more artists are going the indie route and making music without record label interference (and funding), it is becoming a more common practice for fans to take an active role in financing recording projects. Bands solicit donations from their fan base in exchange for special perks and privileges when the album is released.
It’s a model that makes sense. The artist has the money to make their record on their terms. The fan gets a feeling of ownership of the music, and usually gets a one of a kind collector’s item from the band itself. Win — Win.
That brings us to the newest project from Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine. The husband and wife songwriting team of Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist have been favorites of mine since I first saw them perform at The Dame in Lexington shortly after the release of their amazing 2003, two-disc album Ohio. They deftly mix elements of folk, jazz, and pop with literate songwriting and Bergquist’s angelic voice to form a sound that completely knocks me out with each new release.
Earlier this week, Over the Rhine went into a Pasadena, CA recording studio with Joe Henry to begin work on their new album… and you can help. Simply go to the band’s website and pre-order a copy of the album to help them out.
There are several different levels of support available. Fifteen dollars gets you an early copy of the record with bonus tracks and an unnamed “surprise” from the band (this is the one I chose). Ten-thousand dollars gets you a private concert and a whole bunch of other stuff. There are, of course, several levels in between as well. I think my favorite is the one-hundred dollar level. It includes tickets to a special (limited seating) concert where the band will perform their classic 1996 album Good Dog, Bad Dog in its entirety.
Over the Rhine is a great band, and Joe Henry is a tremendous producer. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with together, and I’m glad to play a small part in making it happen.
Since the new stuff isn’t here yet… here’s one from Good Dog, Bad Dog to give you a taste of what Over the Rhine is about.
Over the Rhine: All I Need is Everything (Buy Album)

2 Responses to “Over the Rhine: Let’s Make a Record”

  1. Hey,Nelson –

    I am a toe-dipping Over the Rhine fan, slowly familiarizing myself with their music, based on a good friend's recommendation – I got on their mailing list last year and am blown away each month by Linford's stunning prose…

    The model they proposed, in their last e-newsletter, convinced me and I donated, albeit at the least expensive level – I can't wait to hear the end result!

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