From My Past: Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival

Haven’t had a whole lot of writing time this week, but I still wanted to share something with you today.

My wife and I have been going through the process of turning our office into a nursery. It’s been a lot of work, but it has also forced me to go through some old CDs that have been taking up space upstairs. In one stack of discs, I found a collection of some news and sports features I produced when I was a graduate assistant at Morehead State Public Radio in Morehead, KY.
Most of them are just extended news reports on local issues in the community and preview stories for various Morehead State University athletic teams. But there’s also one that I thought would be neat to share here. It was produced in 2002.
The Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival takes place the third week of September every year at a giant outdoor campground just outside of Morehead. One year, I spent some time on top of the mountain in the days leading up to the festival and interviewed some early arriving campers and musicians. Some people spend as long as two to three weeks living on the mountain in preparation for the event. If you ever find yourself in East/Central Kentucky at the end of September… Poppy Mountain is a pretty neat place to be.
Let’s take a trip to the top of the mountain…
Up on Poppy Mountain
And just for kicks… Here’s a couple of promos from the Americana program I used to host at MSPR called Americana Crossroads.
Crossroads Promo 1
Crossroads Promo 2

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