Interview with Kasey Anderson & Chip Robinson

We had quite a fine day of music at WDVX earlier today when Kasey Anderson (top) and Chip Robinson (bottom) joined us for a Blue Plate Special.

Both artists have new records out on Kasey’s Red River Records label, and I spoke about each of them briefly last week. Both are deeply personal albums that tell a full story from beginning to end. In Kasey’s case, Nowhere Nights tells of his departures from a physical place and space of mind while burning bridges and mending fences as he left. Chip’s Mylow chronicles his time doing what he calls “trying to stay alive” over the past decade when he was away from the music industry.
I’m sharing two songs from today’s performances here. Both are intimate, acoustic readings of songs from the new records.
After the show, I spent some time with Kasey and Chip talking about the new albums, Chip’s history with The Backsliders, Kasey’s blogging, and various other topics. I’m sharing our conversation with you as well. The interview did not air at WDVX… this is the only place to hear it.
Kasey Anderson: Bellingham Blues (Buy Album)
Chip Robinson: Wings (Buy Album)
My Interview with Kasey Anderson & Chip Robinson

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