Scott Miller Fundraising for WDVX

As I mentioned yesterday, Scott Miller joined me on the air last night at WDVX as part of the kickoff of our Spring Fund Drive. WDVX is a community radio station in downtown Knoxville dedicated to playing roots and Americana music.

I talk about the station a lot here… not just because I work there… but because I also believe in what we’re doing there in trying to promote the music we love and the artists that create it. To be able to continue doing that work, we have to pass the hat a couple of times every year to ask for support from our listeners. Listener support is our single greatest source of funding at WDVX, and it helps keep the lights on and the music playing. If you like, you can support WDVX at our website and pick up a great new CD of live music from local artists like Scott Miller, the everybodyfields, Mic Harrison, Christabel and the Johns, Cutthroat Shamrock, and many, many others.
For his part, Scott Miller spent roughly an hour and a half on the air with me last night. He played some songs live in the studio (including taking requests in exchange for donations) and brought in a few CDs from his personal stash to play. I’m including a small portion of his visit and an acoustic version of “Absolution” from his time in the studio. The “Buy Album” link points to the studio version of the song.
Scott Miller live at the WDVX Fund Drive
Scott Miller: Absolution live at WDVX (Buy Album)

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