Random Weekend Post: New She & Him

The newest project from actress Zooey Deschanel and musician M. Ward is set to be released March 23rd. It will be the second release from the duo that call themselves She & Him and is fittingly titled Volume Two. You may remember how much I liked Volume One.

This is the video for the first single from the new album, and it already has me smiling. The bouncy retro innocence that I found so captivating on the debut release still seems to be present here, and the visuals match the sound. I love how Ward’s cool aloofness contrasts with Deschanel’s playfulness.
This is “In the Sun” by She & Him.

3 Responses to “Random Weekend Post: New She & Him”

  1. so loved this vid! ;)*

  2. I listened to the album streaming at All Songs and was pretty unmoved. But I also remember having a similar reaction to the first album (as I believe you did), so I am not sure yet.

  3. CPS… didn't have the chance to listen to the album online, but we just bought it tonight. I should have an opinion on it some time tomorrow.

    And yes… the first one did take me a little while to get into.

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