ReviewShine Wednesday: Andrew Duhon

I’m going to try something new here beginning with today’s post. I’ve mentioned several times that I subscribe to a service called ReviewShine that lets artists upload their music to a central place where bloggers can sample and download their albums. I’ve discovered many great artists there since the site was started last summer, but I’ve only really had time to share a fraction of them with you here.

That’s where this new series of posts comes in. Every Wednesday (I hope) I’ll post a brief (one paragraph for the most part) look at one of the artists from my ever expanding ReviewShine inbox. Some weeks it may be a single artist… some weeks it may be several. We’ll just have to see how it goes.
For any other bloggers reading this site… it will give you a taste of the type of artists featured there. For any artists looking in… it will give you a look at a tremendous outlet for your music.
We start today with Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You by Andrew Duhon.
This album actually came out early in 2009, but I was completely unfamiliar with it until finding it on ReviewShine a couple of months ago. Andrew is a songwriter out of New Orleans who travelled to Nashville to record his debut album with Grammy Winning producer Trina Shoemaker. The songs on this debut effort were written as Andrew mourned the destruction of his city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The result is an album filled with an easy blues spirit that brings to mind the quieter side of Amos Lee. It’s a solid listen on a dreary, rainy night.
The song I’m sharing here, “Coming Down Over Here,” features background vocals from Shannon McNally… another artist I need to devote some time to here.
Andrew Duhon: Coming Down Over Here (Buy Album)

One Response to “ReviewShine Wednesday: Andrew Duhon”

  1. Well you definitely came out of the box swinging with this new endeavor. I bought the album after reading your review and really was blown away by it. Just a great set of songs that have a soothing, breezy type feel to them; just beautiful, heartfelt writing. Reminds me a lot of Ray Lamontagne

    Thanks for the heads up and look forward to more from this ReviewShine series!

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