Random Weekend Post: Rosanne Cash

I’ve been listening lately to Rosanne Cash’s new album The List. It’s a lovingly produced album made up of songs from a hand written list her father first gave her over 35 years ago. The list was 100 songs that Johnny Cash held dear and felt his daughter needed to know. The song featured here is not on the album… but I feel it captures the spirit of it quite well.

3 Responses to “Random Weekend Post: Rosanne Cash”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wish I were not as disappointed as I am in “The List.” I have been looking for a word to describe it since I listened to the NPR stream and felt disappointed. And here it is: Genteel.

  2. Wow, Anonymous, I could not disagree with you more. I am a huge Rosanne fan, and have been looking forward to this album since hearing her perform a few “sneak peaks” during the Black Cadillac tour. She is most often lauded for her songwriting talent, and while that is the aspect of her work that I most enjoy, this album emphasizes other sides that are often overlooked — her skills as a vocalist and an interpreter. I hear nothing bland in this album. Rather, I hear a work that, in my opinion, is clearly one of the year's best.

    And on that note, let's get some more comments on this blog — I know there are more readers out there!

  3. I have listened to this album maybe five times since buying it, and I still have to stick with “genteel”(i.e., not “bland”). It just seems awfully tasteful and therefore fails to connect with me.

    I have enjoyed several of her covers over the years: “Pink Bedroom,” “Tennessee Flat Top Box.” I wish this album were as lively as those are.

    The one song here that stands for everything tasteful is “500 Miles.” It starts great with just voice and organ and then (tastefully) adds instruments till it achieves a pretty sheen. BUT that's not what the song could have been.

    Thanks for this (two-person) conversation–though it is “genteel” and I, obviously, am Mr. Edgy Transgressor.

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