A Little Knox Music: Jill Andrews New CD and WDVX Appearance Friday

Jill Andrews spent the past several years as one-half of the creative force behind indie-folk darlings the everybodyfields. Along with Sam Quinn (the other half) and a rotating cast of fellow musicians, Jill and the everybodyfields released three outstanding records. The band gained new fans and accolades with each new release as their melancholy lyrics and soaring harmonies were impossible to resist. They were working on material for a fourth studio album when word began to spread around Knoxville that the band was no more.

In the last few months since the split, Quinn has been playing gigs with his new project Sam Quinn & the Japan Ten. Meanwhile, Andrews took some time off to give birth to her first child and work on her first solo project… a self-titled EP due out at the end of the month.

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to an advance copy of the new EP for the better part of a week now, and I can’t put it away. I put the whole thing on repeat Tuesday afternoon while I did some house work. It had played all the way through four complete times before I finished my project. I didn’t mind one bit… I was enthralled by each song each time through.

The first thing you notice about this project is just how great it sounds. Andrews produced the album herself and had the whole thing mastered by Patty Griffin sideman/producer Doug Lancio. Pianos and gentle guitars float in and around Andrews’ gorgeous vocal melodies all while giving her voice and words room to shine.

It’s when you listen to those words that the stomach punch comes. The everybodyfields were always known for their heart wrenching and emotionally powerful lyrics that added heft to their soaring harmonies. Andrews keeps that spirit alive here with songs about loss and love… endings and beginnings. With that, it’s hard not to hear these songs in the context of the dissolution of the everybodyfields and call this a break up record. When Andrews sings, “Are you ready to leave?” over and over on “These Words,” it’s not a big leap to take.

Now, I must admit that I don’t know the circumstances around the break up, and I know some of these songs were performed live by the band before the split. However, anyone who has been in a relationship as it ends knows all of the conflicting feelings and emotions that show up in these situations. All of those emotions show up here. Anger at the person who is leaving. Gratitude for the time they spent. Confusion as everything changes. Excitement to start things anew.

All these emotions are brazenly displayed on Andrews’ sleeve in these six tracks. This EP reads as a deeply personal recounting of recent events and serves as a powerful reminder that Jill Andrews has plenty to say and will likely make quite an impact as a solo artist.

Andrews’ management has asked that I not share any of the tracks with you here until after the EP’s official release later this month (Oct. 26th). In the meantime, you can listen to a few streaming tracks on her myspace page, pre-order the EP at her webstore, and look for more updates on her website. Jill will also be performing live on WDVX’s Blue Plate Special Friday at noon (Eastern) along with The Stella Vees and The Carolina Chocolate Drops. You can stream the whole performance live at WDVX.com.

Since I can’t share anything from the new album yet… here’s one of my favorites from Andrews’ time with the everybodyfields.

the everybodyfields: His Pontiac (Buy Album)

Edit: I forgot to mention that there is a contest going on that will give one lucky person a copy of Jill Andrews’ new EP and two tickets to a show on the upcoming tour.

…and don’t forget about my Kristofferson Kontest. The winner will be picked Monday night.

One Response to “A Little Knox Music: Jill Andrews New CD and WDVX Appearance Friday”

  1. Hope you all got to hear this. Jill's band sounded amazing. And the Carolina Chocolate Drops… Wow!

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