Kasey Anderson: Way Out West

A few years back, I was a constant reader and infrequent poster on the message boards at AltCountryTab… a site dedicated to the discussion of alternative country music (…and a lot of drooling over Paul Westerberg). Several of the posters were musicians themselves and would occasionally post some of their original works and a few cover tracks. Most of them were just doing it for fun or as some sort of virtual jam session with others on the boards. I never really paid much attention to the music that was posted and mainly just focused on the discussions.

I did take notice of one artist, however, who actually seemed to be a little more serious about his music and was attempting to make a career of it. Still… for some reason… I never got around to listening to his music. Not sure why… I just didn’t.

But when I got an email recently asking me to review a new collection of covers from Kasey Anderson, the name instantly registered in my head. I figured it was time to give him a shot. When I first listened to Way Out West, what I heard was a diverse collection of source materials that somehow found a common ground through Anderson’s sound and voice. Songs originally recorded by artists from all over the musical map all sound right at home on this album. The Arcade Fire’s “Keep the Car Running” stands side by side with Keith Urban’s “Days Go By” and Townes Van Zandt’s “To Live is to Fly.”

The unifying element on these tracks is Anderson’s slightly distorted vocals and fuzzy guitars that give the whole thing a decidedly lo-fi, indie sound. In fact, Anderson recorded the whole thing at home, by himself, on his laptop in just a week’s time.

Anderson says Way Out West was mostly an attempt to pay tribute to some of his influences and give his fans something to tide them over until he can put out some original material later this year. What he gave us was some fresh takes on ten old favorites. He also gave me a reason to go back and check out some of those tunes I neglected during my days at AltCountryTab. Maybe you’ll do the same.

Here’s Kasey Anderson’s take on The Arcade Fire’s “Keep the Car Running.”

Kasey Anderson: Keep the Car Running (Buy Album)

One Response to “Kasey Anderson: Way Out West”

  1. I too browse over at ACT. The Westerberg talk has eased up as of late, but your right it does get a little over the top at times.

    If you haven't heard the Townes tribute they did, you should really give that a listen. I'll see if I can find a link to it somewhere.

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