Notes on Those Darlins, Todd Snider, Chris Gaffney, etc…

Time for another quick notes column… as it seems that’s all I have time to do these days.

First off… an overdue recap of some recent live shows I caught here in town.

***Those Darlins came to town a couple of weekends ago and brought a little bit of fire along with them to Knoxville’s old city. I’ll admit to not knowing much about the group before their show, having only really heard the promo single the band sent me and a few songs from their set over at Daytrotter.

After the show… I’m hooked. Kelley, Jessi, and Nikki Darlin (pictured above) scorched the stage with a high energy set full of songs about drinkin’, partyin’, and just being wild in general. All three girls played guitar (or ukulele), took turns at lead vocals, and they created strong three-part vocal harmonies on every song. Blend the heavier side of Uncle Tupelo with the sass of Loretta Lynn, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where Those Darlins are coming from. Their music an enjoyable, rough-edged, high-energy mix of punk rock and honky tonk that left me wanting more.

I’ll catch them again the next time they come to town. In the meantime… you can hear more on their myspace page and check out their live sets on Daytrotter and HearYa. You can also pre-order their full-length debut album at their website.

***Todd Snider was also in town last week to do a couple of short sets on The Blue Plate Special and Tennessee Shines. There’s not a whole lot else that needs to be said about Todd… other than he’s still the same smart-ass that he’s always been, and I love it. The new album is out next week.

*** The Chris Gaffney tribute album, The Man of Somebody’s Dreams was finally released last week. I’ve been spinning this thing for about six months now, and am glad to see that it’s finally making its way out to the public.

Chris Gaffney was a songwriter and musician who was known mainly as a member of Dave Alvin’s Guilty Men and The Hacienda Brothers. He passed away last year after a short battle with liver cancer. You can read my post about him over at Star Maker Machine that I did for the “In Memoriam” week. The album is a loving tribute to Gaffney that was put together by Alvin and many of Gaff’s other friends including Alejandro Escovedo, Boz Scaggs, Los Lobos, James McMurtry, Tom Russell, John Doe, Robbie Fulks, and many others. It’s well worth checking out, and all proceeds from the album go to benefit Gaff’s family and the non-profit group “Hungry for Music.”

You can purchase the tribute album at YepRoc’s music store.

The song I’m sharing today comes from Gaffney’s 1995 solo album Loser’s Paradise and features guest vocals from Lucinda Williams.

Chris Gaffney: Cowboys to Girls (Buy Album)

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