Today’s Notes Brought to You by Rhett Miller

**Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know how I feel about the Old 97’s. They are one of my favorite acts around, and a lot of that has to do with their charismatic frontman Rhett Miller. Should I, then, find it odd that I never seem to enjoy Rhett’s solo material as much as I do his work with the band?

Probably not, since he seems to go out of his way to ensure that a Rhett Miller solo album has a totally different feel from an Old 97’s record. The solo albums generally tread a more pop-laden path. The excursions always produce a couple of gems, but ultimately leave me wanting to revisit my 97’s collection.

With that, I bring you the news that Rhett Miller is releasing his new, self-titled, album in June. There’s a review posted at Twangville that has me eagerly anticipating the release and willing to give Rhett’s solo career another chance. You can hear “I Need to Know Where I Stand” from the self-titled album over at Twangville.

**I know I’m not the first person to post this next tidbit either… but Paste Magazine is in a bit of financial trouble. So much trouble, in fact, that the magazine is asking readers for donations just to help keep them afloat. I’ll admit to not reading Paste as much lately as I used to. I even let my subscription lapse in the new year… so I guess I’m partly responsible for their current situation. Even so, I still don’t want to see them go away.

I’ve been reading Paste since the very first issue, and the magazine has introduced me to so many new artists over the years that it’s impossible to count. We’ve already seen No Depression and Harp cease publication along with countless others. I don’t want to lose Paste too.

**This weekend is shaping up to be another solid couple of days for live music here in Knoxville, and I hope to tell you about a few artists who will be making their way through town in a separate post a little later. For now, though, just let me make brief mention of a group that I hope to catch Saturday night at Barley’s.

Those Darlins are from Murfreesboro, TN just outside of Nashville and first came to my attention during the SXSW festival in Austin when they were featured on USA Today’s Pop Candy blog. They were described as “honky-tonk punk (with a) sassy attitude and sweet harmonies.” I had to know more. Saturday night, they’re coming to town with their music that reminds me a bit of a slightly unhinged Loretta Lynn circa “Fist City.”

Here’s a track from their upcoming album that’s due out next month.

Those Darlins: Wild One (Buy Album)

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