Madison Violet

Quick post today to introduce you to a Canadian band I discovered recently called Madison Violet.

Madison Violet is primarily composed of singer/songwriters Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac. The two both had similar upbringings in small towns in rural Canada and began singing and playing together a few years ago after a chance meeting in a Toronto bar. The two musicians bonded over a shared desire to shed their country music roots and branch out into something new.

After playing together in other projects for a while, MacEachern and MacIsaac formed Madison Violet in 2004 and released a pop-flavored debut that garnered some Top 40 airplay on Canadian Radio. It wasn’t long however, before the duo’s country roots began to show once again. The pair’s sophomore album Caravan received a nomination for “Folk Album of the Year” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2006.

That folk influence carries over on their upcoming release No Fool For Trying. The two blend beautiful harmonies over gently strummed acoustic melodies and atmospheric steel guitars on songs like the album opening “The Ransom.” For eleven tracks, Madison Violet delivers solid melancholy folk that covers similar ground as their Canadian compatriots The Be Good Tanyas. I don’t think I can give a much higher endorsement than that.

No Fool for Trying from Madison Violet will be released June 23 from True North Records. You can pre-order (and stream) the album now on the True North website.

Madison Violet: The Ransom (Buy Album)

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