Oak Ridge Boys vs. The White Stripes

Remember these guys?

I do. I was three years old in 1981 when The Oak Ridge Boys released their smash hit, “Elvira,” and it was possibly the only song I listened to that entire year.

Obviously, I don’t remember much from 1981 (I was only three). But I remember that song, I remember my worn out .45 single, and I remember singing “Giddy-up-a-boom-bop-a-mow-mow” at the top of my lungs every chance I had. “Elvira” and The Dukes of Hazzard theme song may have been the first two songs I ever learned.

I probably haven’t heard that song in about fifteen years now, and I know I haven’t thought of The Oak Ridge Boys much over the last two decades. Today, however, I found a link on USA Today’s Pop Candy blog that reminded me the boys are back…

Yes… The Oak Ridge Boys are singing The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.”

Please know that I’m not posting this because I think it’s good, or that I think everyone else should hear it. It’s really more of a, “Holy cow, can you believe this?” kind of thing.

4 Responses to “Oak Ridge Boys vs. The White Stripes”

  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    I hate to say it, but I kind of enjoyed it. It reminds me of Cash doing Depeche Mode.

    the bass guy doing the “BUM…BUM-BUM-BUM…BUM-BUMMMM….BUMMMM” is hysterical!!

  2. That’s bizarre.

  3. That’s so strange, I sort of like it… sort of. I think the guys have been studying the Rick Rubin playbook.

  4. Rick Rubin. Yeah, I was sorta thinking the same thing.

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