Record Store Day/Wilco Hits Knoxville

Saturday is one of my favorite days of the year… National Record Store Day… a day to celebrate the dying breed that is the brick and mortar independent record store. It’s a day when many artists release exclusive music to independent record shops, and many stores feature live, in-store performances from local artists. It’s a great time all around.

This year… it seems one of the biggest events for Record Store Day is taking place right here in Knoxville.
Wilco is performing Saturday night at The Tennessee Theatre. Wilco is also releasing its new concert DVD Ashes of American Flags as part of the NRSD hoopla. Ergo… Wilco will appear at Knoxville’s Disc Exchange Saturday afternoon for a screening of the new DVD. The first 150 fans to buy a copy of the film will also get the chance to meet the band and get their DVD’s autographed. It’s generating quite a buzz here in town.

Of course… Wilco is just a small part of the festivities. Blog favorites Van Eaton and Friends and John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives will both be performing at the Disc Exchange during the day. Record Store Day will also see exclusive releases from Whiskeytown, Pavement, The Flaming Lips, Jenny Lewis, Tift Merritt, and more. I’ll be picking up the live Tift Merritt CD for sure and will probably be tempted by several other offers as well.

You can find out more about National Record Store Day over at the official website.

Please go out and support your local record store Saturday and everyday. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that someone has gone out and purchased an album because of something I’ve written here or because of some music they heard in this space. Remember… the free downloads are great for sampling. But if we don’t support these artists by actually buying their records, they won’t be able to keep making the music we all love. Similarly… if we don’t support our independent record stores, these artist won’t have as many outlets for their product.

Now… for sampling purposes… here is a track from Wilco called “Ashes of American Flags” from their Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. It’s also the title track from the new concert DVD being released on Saturday.

Wilco: Ashes of American Flags (Buy Album) (Buy DVD)

2 Responses to “Record Store Day/Wilco Hits Knoxville”

  1. I had not heard of record store day until reading this, so I decided to stop by the last remaining honest to God record store in the area and sure enough…it was record store day. Apparently they decided to celebrate playing some crappy out of tune indie band and not having any of the new CD’s I wanted 😦

    It’s ok though, I did pick up a good Delbert McClinton LP and a Nazareth Hair of The Dog LP for $6.

  2. Just out of curiosity…

    It seems as though this post is getting quite a few hits from what looks like an online class forum from Ramapo College in NJ.

    Is this blog being discussed in academia?

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