WDVX (and other) Notes

The WDVX Spring Fund Drive continues this week, and there are a few special fund drive events that I should probably tell you about…

***First off… the March installment of Tennessee Shines airs tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 Eastern. The show is completely sold out. If you don’t have tickets already, then you’ll have to listen to WDVX tonight to hear the show. It ought to be a good one too. Jim Lauderdale is our host (as always) and will be joined by Theresa Anderson, Donna the Buffalo, The Gourds, and Knoxville’s own Scott Miller. You can listen live at www.wdvx.com.

***Speaking of Scott Miller… he’ll also be playing the role of guest DJ Thursday afternoon at WDVX. Scott will be on the air with Tony Lawson beginning at 4:00, and there is probably no earthly way to know what sort of antics may ensue. I imagine Scott may share some tracks from his upcoming album For Crying Out Loud (more on that later), but he probably has some other tricks up his sleeve as well. Again… you can hear it live at www.wdvx.com.

***On an unrelated note… I spent a great deal of time today listening to the music of the late John Hartford for no other reason than that I was simply struck to do so. It’s something I actually recommend that everyone do from time to time. Hartford was truly one of the giants of roots music and served (and still serves) as an inspiration to countless musicians who followed. I don’t proclaim to be an expert on the man or his music, but I know that his vast and expansive catalogue is well worth exploring… something I’m still doing. I may need to head over to Nashville to check out the Hartford exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The exhibit will remain at the museum through January 2010.

Here’s a track from my favorite Hartford album… 1971’s Aereo-Plain. The album is no longer in print. The “buy album” link will take you to the music store at www.johnhartford.com.

John Hartford: Back in the Goodle Days (Buy Album)

P.S. — If you’re a big-time John Hartford fan… there is a song called “The Flood of 1997” that appears on the WDVX Tenth Anniversary CD that we put out a couple of years ago. The song was recorded live at WDVX and is (as far as I know) the only official version of the song that exists anywhere. You can get a copy of the disc at the WDVX webstore with all proceeds going to support the station.

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