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Brett Ratliff

Posted in Brett Ratliff on February 2, 2009 by AmericanaPulse

A few months ago, I told you about Brett Ratliff, a traditional banjo player from Eastern Kentucky. Ratliff released a solo album of old-time mountain music last summer, and I shared my thoughts on the album back in September.

On Friday, Ratliff came to Knoxville with a square dance outfit called The Travelin’ Snakes. They played the WDVX Blue Plate Special Friday at noon and held a square dance Friday night at the Square Room (Yes… a real square dance with a dance caller and a live band… the gig was a sell out). In between gigs, Ratliff stopped by the WDVX studio for a chat.

Here is my interview with Brett Ratliff featuring live performances from the studio. I’m also including a couple of tracks from the album, Cold Icy Mountain, that I played before and after the visit.

If you are interested in real traditional mountain music and its origins… take a listen to the songs and the interview. Ratliff is a musical historian as much as he is a musician, and he tells some of the stories behind the songs.

Brett Ratliff: Cold Icy Mountain (Buy Album)
Intreview with Brett Ratliff
Brett Ratliff: Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow (Buy Album)