Top 10 of 2008: #1 Real Animal by Alejandro Escovedo

Happy New Year! The first day of 2009 seems like a perfect time to reveal my favorite album of 2008… Real Animal from Alejandro Escovedo.

Real Animal was the first new release I ever reviewed here after starting the blog in July. It was almost the only thing I was listening to at the time. Alejandro is one of those rare artists who (in my eyes at least) never releases an album that doesn’t immediately become one of my favorites upon the first listen. This one grabbed me from the first powerful riff of the leadoff track, “Always a Friend” and never let go.

Here’s a link to that first review. Please follow the links to purchase this album and treat yourself to a tremendous release from a supremely talented artist. This guy is one of the greats.

Alejandro Escovedo: Always a Friend (Buy Album)
Alejandro Escovedo: Chelsea Hotel ’78 (Buy Album)

P.S. It was just announced last night that Alejandro will be performing at the January installment of Tennessee Shines in Knoxville along with The Duhks, Three Ring Circle, The Lovell Sisters, and Jennifer Nicely.

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