Free EP from Matt Pond PA

Very quick post this morning because I wanted to share something that I found out about last night.

You may remember that I mentioned a band called Matt Pond PA a few weeks ago in my post about great bands I had discovered through other music blogs. Well, last week the group released a free EP online called Freeep. The EP contains nine songs (three instrumentals) and clocks in at just over 31 minutes of music. If you were intrigued by the earlier Matt Pond PA songs I posted here or are just a fan of the band in general, I highly suggest taking the time to download this disc.

You can read a bit about the project (and watch a video for “People Have a Way” from 2007’s Last Light) here. The entire EP is available for download here. If you like what you hear on the freebie, you can purchase more of Matt Pond PA’s music (and other stuff) from their online store.

Here’s a taste of the Freeep.

Matt Pond PA: Hearts and Minds (Download EP)
Matt Pond PA: Imperfect (Download EP)

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