Anne McCue: East of Electric

My first introduction to the music of Anne McCue came in the form of her 2004 album Roll. It was a rocking roots album with tons of inspired blues licks and, at times, some scathing social commentary. The album drew comparisons to Lucinda Williams and Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. The former was even an staunch supporter of McCue’s music (Lucinda would later appear on McCue’s 2006 release Koala Motel).

I saw McCue perform at the Mercy Lounge in the fall of 2004 and was blown away by the performance. I knew the music going in, but I had no idea how talented a guitar player she was. As it turns out… McCue played every single lick of guitar on Roll (plus banjo, lap steel, and Hammond organ), and she played them well. That night, I watched McCue shred song after song while pounding shot after shot. I walked away quite impressed.

Here’s a brief taste of that 2004 album and a chance to hear McCue’s electric chops.

Anne McCue: Nobody’s Sleeping (Buy Album)

Now, Anne McCue has released a new album called East of Electric, and it is a much different sound for the artist who made her name as an electric guitarist. As the title suggests, this is an all acoustic album that McCue says is inspired by the golden age of folk-pop music from the late sixties.

McCue recorded and produced the album at her own studio in Nashville (she is a native Australian), and played most of the instruments herself. Although she does enlist Eamon McLoughlin of The Greencards to play violin and other strings, McCue once again plays all the guitars while adding banjo, piano, harmonica, lap steel, tambourine, ukulele, and mandolin among other instruments. The album is a true showcase for all of her talents.

To illustrate… here are a few tracks from the new album. Today we’re offering the short instrumental “Psychadelica II,” the protest song “Money in the Morning,” and the plaintive “Too Late for Love.” The first song is a chance for McCue to show off her acoustic playing. The second song tackles war, global warming, corporate greed, and the financial worries of the everyday American family. The third song is the sad tale of a girl who has gone too far down a dark path.

Anne McCue: Phychadelica II (Buy Album)
Anne McCue: Money in the Morning (Buy Album)
Anne McCue: Too Late for Love (Buy Album)

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