WDVX Fall Fund Drive

Just a quick post here to start out the week and let you know about something that’s going on right now.

Regular readers should know by now that I work as a part-time DJ at WDVX Radio in Knoxville, Tennessee. In fact, I know some of you only found this site because you’ve heard me mention it on the air.

For those who don’t know… WDVX is a listener supported Americana station here in Knoxville, and we are now in the middle of our Fall Fund Drive. Twice a year, we come to our listeners and ask them to help us out by making a pledge of financial support to the station. Listener donations make up a substantial portion of our budget and helps to pay for various daily operating expenses such as internet streaming costs, rights fees for the music we play, and equipment maintenance. In short… listener support helps keep us on the air.

If you’re already familiar with WDVX, you can make your pledge online here. If you’ve never listened before, you can find our webstream here.

If you’ve never listened before, come check us out sometime. We play a lot of the music that I talk about here on the blog. It’s mostly a mix of Americana, but we also have specialty shows dedicated to bluegrass, classic country, blues, independent artists, and some more bluegrass. We also broadcast a free live concert series everyday at noon (Eastern time) and a monthly concert series hosted by Jim Lauderdale. There’s a reason Oxford American magazine once called WDVX, “probably the best radio station in the world.”

I’m on the air Wednesday nights from 6-10 and Friday nights from 6-9 (all times Eastern), but feel free to stop by and listen anytime. Maybe you’ll like it and be motivated to donate in the future.

Just for fun… here are a couple of radio songs to get you in the mood.

Elvis Costello: Radio, Radio (Buy Album)
John Hiatt: Pirate Radio (Buy Album)
The Hackensaw Boys: Radio (Buy Album)

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