Star Maker Machine

I know Payton already did this exact same post over at This Mornin’ I am Born Again, but I had to say something about this too.

Most of you may already know this… but I am also a contributing blogger to another site called Star Maker Machine. It’s a community blog with fifteen or so regular contributors and a few at large posts each week as well. Each week, a new theme is chosen. All songs posted during that week will have some connection to the theme.

The goal is to give a disparate group of music lovers and mp3 bloggers one big place to share music they love while having a common thread that runs through all of the songs. The result is a heavily trafficked (the site gets roughly 10 times the daily hits I get here) and oft-updated site (it’s not uncommon to see 20-30 new posts in a given week) that has succeeded in introducing me to a ton of new music and… more importantly… an online community of like-minded individuals with a passion for the music they write about and share.

That’s what made this past week’s theme so cool. The theme was “blog names,” and we were instructed to post songs which have inspired the name of a blog. Again… some great songs were shared, and some wonderful blogs were highlighted. If you’re looking for some additional places to discover and listen to great music, check out all of last week’s entries at Star Maker Machine. There are plenty of good ones there.

Boyhowdy from the blog Cover Lay Down even wrote a post about this site. I’m still absolutely floored by the kind words that were directed this way. I’m sure I don’t deserve most of them.

Anyway… the song I’m posting today should be considered a late addition to last week’s Star Maker theme. Boyhowdy started the theme out by posting Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris,” the song from which the title of the blog was taken. Today, I’m offering a cover of that song by folkie, Adrienne Young (that’s her above) from her album Room to Grow.

The irony in this is that at his own blog, boyhowdy only posts folk-related cover songs. Now I’m here posting a cover version of an original tune that he posted at Star Maker Machine.

Adrienne Young: Free Man in Paris (Buy Album)

By the way… If you like cover songs, this week’s theme at Star Maker Machine is Bob Dylan covers. If you REALLY like cover songs (or just good music), check out Cover Lay Down.

One Response to “Star Maker Machine”

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement and shout-out, Nelson, and nice call on the Adrienne Young cover — despite the high production, I like her stuff plenty, especially her version of Dusty Owens’ <>Once More<>, off the same album. No need to be bashful about what I wrote, either. I wouldn’t write the words if they weren’t true. 🙂 Keep up the good work, friend…

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