Chris Knight: Heart of Stone

“Pour my soul into my songs.
Play ’em for the people all night long.
Work hard for my money and I want it now.
Don’t make me have to tear your juke joint down.”

The opening verse of “Home Sick Gypsy,” the leadoff track to Chris Knight’s upcoming CD Heart of Stone (August 19, Drifter’s Church Productions), sets the tone for the album and also gives a bit of an insight into Knight himself. Chris Knight is a hard working, hard traveling, performing songwriter with a growl in his voice that sounds like it’s been honed by playing several late night gigs in smokey barrooms out on the road. And while the song may not be entirely autobiographical… you’ll excuse Knight if he’s wanted to tear down a juke joint or two in his time.
“Gypsy” is propelled by the same type of dirty roots-rock riff that Knight has perfected over the years. The same feel and energy is carried through onto most of the tracks on this album and is especially present on tracks like “Hell Ain’t Half Full,” “Another Dollar,” and “Marie.”

A rare quiet moment comes on the track “Crooked Road.” “Crooked Road” plays to another one of Knight’s stregnths as a songwriter. Knight has an uncanny ability to fully capture all the important elements of a story with his lyrics. He is especially gifted at portraying the plight of the downtrodden, the common man who has fallen on hard times. In this song, the protagonist has lost his son, and his wife’s peace of mind, to a West Virginia coal mine. He struggles to deal with the loss of the first even while trying to recapture the other.

Fans of Chris Knight will find a lot to like on Heart of Stone. Newcomers should too, for that matter. The album plays to Knight’s stregnths and boasts twelve really strong tracks. Three of them are included here.

Chris Knight: Home Sick Gypsy (Buy Album)
Chris Knight: Heart of Stone (Buy Album)
Chris Knight: Crooked Road (Buy Album)

Update: The release date of Heart of Stone has been pushed back to Sept. 2.

One Response to “Chris Knight: Heart of Stone”

  1. Nice review. Just got my CD in the mail yesterday and I’m really enjoying it. This one, for the most part, seems to follow the route of the more rocking songs on Enough Rope.

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