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I briefly mentioned Scott Miller in the first post on this blog a few weeks ago. Since the blog is named for a lyric from one of his songs (“I Made a Mess of This Town” is available in that first post), I figure it’s time to talk a little more about Scott Miller’s music and a couple of projects that he has in the hopper.

Late in 2007, Miller begain working on songs for his fourth studio album with backing band, The Commonwealth. He then started road testing some of the new songs at his live shows. Earlier this year, he went into the studio with producer Doug Lancio (Patty Griffin) and began recording those songs. The results of his sessions with Lancio are scheduled to be released later this fall.

But recording, mastering, producing, and mass-releasing an album is not a cheap endeavor. Especially if the artist wants to own all the rights to the album once it is completed. Scott Miller wants to own his next album, and he needs our help to make that happen. This summer, Miller has been selling an album of demo recordings on his website,, in order to raise the money he needs to fully own his next studio record. The demo album, Appalachian Refugee, is being sold in very limited quantities and is being released in small batches at his website. The second batch just sold out, but you can still find out more and hear samples of the disc here. Another batch should come along soon.

The album is a mix of new songs (some of which will appear in non-demo form on the new studio release in the fall), covers, and older Scott Miller originals that don’t appear anywhere else. As a special bonus, each copy is individually numbered and features unique hand crafted artwork from Miller himself. My wife and I got our copy a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it quite a bit.

Unfortunately, I promised Scott that I would not share the songs here or play them on the air until the fully produced studio versions are released later this year. In fact, you must read and agree to a “Burn and Die Acknowledgement” before purchasing the demos online. While I can’t share any of the songs here for download, I can link to a Youtube video that Miller released to promote Appalachian Refugee. Here then, is the link to Scott Miller and Mic “Meek” Harrison performing the unofficial single, “People Rule.”

Here’s a special note for those of you in the Knoxville area as well… Scott Miller will play a solo show at the Bijou Theatre August 23rd. Like the demo project, the concert will help raise money for Miller to finish and own his new album. If you’ve never seen his live show, it’s not something you shoulc continue to pass up. Miller is a songwriter’s songwriter who can touch your heart with “For Jack Tymon,” a song he wrote for a friend’s newborn child. He can also make you laugh with “Drunk All Around This Town,” a song about… well… getting drunk all over town… and a sleeveless monkey. Here are live versions of “For Jack Tymon” and “Drunk All Around This Town” from the 2007 release Reconstruction.

Scott Miller and the Commonwealth: For Jack Tymon (Buy Album)
Scott Miller and the Commonwealth: Drunk All Around This Town (Buy Album)

I sent Scott an email shortly after the blog went live to ask him if it was OK for me to use one of his lyrics for the title. I heard back from him last week while I was on vacation. He gave his blessing to the blog and thanked me for taking my inspirations from one of his tunes. He also asked that I spread the word about the demo recordings and the upcoming show in Knoxville. He helped me out… so now I’m trying to help him. Go see Scott Miller live if you have the chance, look for the new studio album in the fall, and check out the demo project at

2 Responses to “Support Scott Miller”

  1. Nelson. just want to let you know that i appreciate the blog and what you do at WDVX. me and a colleague both enjoy streaming the station out here in Laramie, wy. that is in spite of the fact that we recently got a great new guy playing tunes on wypr and that i spent many years hooked on wncw. keep it up my friend. – Phil B

  2. Phil,Thanks for the kind words.I’m not too familiar with WYPR, but I always find WNCW on my trips through Carolina. They do some good work. I’m honored that you choose to listen to us when there are so many other choices. Thank you.

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