Chuck Prophet: Soap and Water

I’m on vacation this week… but I have a couple of small posts scheduled to pop up while I’m gone so as not to let things get too quiet around here. This is the first…

I’ve been aware of Chuck Prophet for a while now… but I’ve never really had the chance to delve too deeply into his music. I’ve only ever really heard the few random tracks that I would pick up from different promo and sampler CD’s from time to time.

A few months ago, however, a loyal WDVX listener from California sent me a copy of Chuck’s 2007 release Soap and Water (Thanks Sally!). I liked it immediately. The opening track, “Freckle Song” is a sexy, innuendo-laden, guitar rocker that kicks off the album in style. “Doubter out of Jesus (All Over You)” adds some synthesized effects to more of Prophet’s impeccable guitar work.

Prophet has become an in-demand session player since his days with his orignal band, Green on Red. He has appeared on projects by everyone from Cake to Kelly Willis to Warren Zevon to Kim Richey. He even co-wrote and played on every track from Alejandro Escovedo’s Real Animal.

Given the chance to shine on his own… Chuck comes through as well

Chuck Prophet: Freckle Song (Buy Album)
Chuck Prophet: Doubter out of Jesus (All Over You) (Buy Album)

3 Responses to “Chuck Prophet: Soap and Water”

  1. Wow, I clicked the download link and got “Too many connections” Youmust be getting some serious read time from people!

  2. I think my file hosting site is having problems. I can’t seem to access it right now. Hopefully, it will come back soon

  3. Things should be working again now. Not sure what the problem was, but hopefully, it’s over.

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